Big Data and Hadoop developer training

big data, hadoop training

Learn to code in this 12 day webinar training for Hadoop

The usage of  < { [ & % / ? > and other special characters like these to code and develop into something that becomes readable and of great usage, turning into a feature a non coder would imagine, this is rocket science. Coders are basically the people who work in the trenches, just like a laborer at a construction site and they don’t find it too exciting initially. When they start enjoying it, they’re already working as leads looking after a team of 15-20 junior coders. A lot of non coders get excited when they start understanding code and how each line works based on how its written. Eventually, they end up learning some programming language only because they like to code. Sometimes, people who work in the sales team also learn coding to understand what a client wants and help the engineers and coders get a cleaner picture of the requirements.

Zeolearn is organizing a small developer training course offered online in the form of a webinar, that would run for 2 hours everyday of the 12 day period. It plans to give training on BigData and Hadoop development. From the training, these are a few things that will be covered as part of the live coding experience from the industry experts, and all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Mastering the concepts of Hadoop framework and its development in a cluster environment.
  • High level scripting frameworks such as Pig and hive for data analytics.
  • Understanding the fault tolerance capacity of Hadoop.
  • Usage of MapReduce to parallely process large amounts of data in a cost effective manner.
  • The different configurations of the Hadoop cluster and methods to optimize and troubleshoot.

The Java based framework Hadoop developer training is scheduled to begin from January 18 and will end by February 2, 2016. The twelve day webinar will run from 8pm to 10:30pm covering all the said concepts and features.

Syed Hussaini

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