Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

big data, hadoop training

Big Data and Hadoop developer training


Learn to code in this 12 day webinar training for Hadoop The usage of  < { [ & % / ? > and other special characters like these to code and develop into something that becomes readable and of great usage, turning into a feature a non coder would imagine,...

Android developers training workshop

Android Development Online Training by Zeolearn


Android Development training webinar: Are you a techie who loves to learn and stay up-to-date with the recent development? If yes, here is a workshop that will help you learn all about Android development and its nuances. Be a skilled and certified android developer in a span of just 16...

Angular JS webinar

Learn Angular JS Training and build your own SPAs


Angular JS Training a ten-day webinar: Ever dreamt of being equipped with the skills that will help you float your own app on the PlayStore? Well, here is an opportunity to develop the skills required to master the art of rapid front-end development with a complete training on Angular JS....