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Coding Hackathon for students & professionals


Hexploiter 2016 – Ethical hacking workshop Coding and hacking go hand in hand. However, this isn’t the hacking workshop that’s running in your head where you would hack into someone’s computer, rob a bank or an organization where you obtain confidential information illegally. This workshop is where you would use...

Kolkata Cyclothon

Join us at the Kolkata Cyclothon 2016


Ride for a greener, fitter Kolkata The Kolkata Cyclothon will be shaking up the grand old city on February 28, 2016 from its otherwise busy activity. There is a distinct lack of large-scale sporting events in the bustling city and the Kolkata Cyclothon seeks to change all that. It’s the...

Kenny Sebastian in Hyderabad

Kenny Sebastian live in Hyderabad


Comedy phenomenon, Musician, and Youtube star Kenny Sebastian to perform live in Hyderabad This Youtube sensation has taken the Indian comedy circuit by storm. His immensely relatable sets, comedy and his strumming skills make him a powerhouse performer. After starting off in Bangalore, performing at open-mics and small clubs things...

6 weekend getaways from Hyderabad


Nagarjuna Sagar Dam – 164 km Once the weekend arrives and if you are looking to do something entirely different than your regular lunch or clubbing plans, then you should take a trip to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. Tourism plays an important role in one’s life. However, when there is no...

Weekend getaways in chennai

5 amazing weekend getaways in Chennai


These budget trips are sure to satisfy your weekend wanderlust If you have just moved to Chennai and are new to the city it’s tough to find a getaway from the sweltering heat and the fast paced urban lifestyle if you don’t know the ropes. If you’re stumped about where...

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Pearls of Wisdom


Get the Art of living inside you! Everyone is occupied with work, family, and materialistic affairs that surrounds most of us. For a few people, their lives are only based on what they earn the entire day. With a life running like a machine, it also does not function as...