New year celebrations in Bengaluru @ Wareabouts Grill & Lounge

new year

Pick your choice of music for this new year’s party

December is coming to an end and people around are looking to head to the best of the new year parties that allows them to chill and also not burn a hole in their pockets at the same time. Looking for one such party becomes a difficult choice to make, as you wouldn’t want to come across as a cheap steak. The best of the parties need not necessarily be costly and not all not-so-expensive parties need to be bad. So, here is the party that gives you the balance between the both.

The night of the new year’s eve will be made special by Dj Anjali and Dj Ceohpas. Dj Cehpas is a code head from Kerala whose heart strums for mixing music. He has been playing music from a young age of 17. Ever since, he has not left it and now shifts from Deephouse to Techno, without leaving a trace. new year

Dj Anjali is a young talent with a very infectious taste for music. The EDM queen is all set to be in the new year eve party to make the crowd go wild. So, shake a leg at the party, since there are 3 DJs who will be playing all night till the clock strikes 12 and the new year is welcomed upon by us. The 3rd Dj who will be making you sing along with all the commercial numbers is DJ Ashes. So, this is what you can expect at the Lounge.

At the Grill, the entire setup has been set up in a contrast to the Lounge, Antoine Potin, who has been training under a Guruji in India since 15 years in playing the Guitar and singing, will be at the stage to entertain you. He would be joined by Chris Kovax, a multi instrumentalist, composer hailing from France. He has been synthesising modern day music since 16 and was one of the few Moog artists globally.For tabla keys he fuses acoustics with electric piano & electronics new keyboards.

So, this is what’s been set up for you, to make your last day of this year more interesting. So, pick your venue and chill at the place that suits you the most.

Party Hard, Drink Safe.

Vimal Mohan

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