What to expect at the Skyfest

sky fest

The time has come for you to fly at the Skyfest 2015

The Skyfest is where you have to be this December. The carnival, the hot air balloons, the concerts and late night movies are the one of the many things that will keep you glued to the venue. The shopping area at the venue has a variety of stalls. So, if you are a person who likes to shop, this is a place that will blow your wallet away, but , for what it’s worth, it’s definitely good.thethered

The Skyfest was inaugurated by a portrayal of bravery by the IAF (Indian Air Force). A team of 7 para divers along with Flight lieutenant Manoj Puri Goswami. This was the moment when the audience at the venue rose to give a standing ovation . There could not have been a better display of courage,and honor.

The hot air balloon ride is the most prominent attraction at the event. People from various walks have shown keen interest in participating one, for, it’s not every day you get to ride in a hot air balloon. The joy rides do not last for long, they are meant to an experience of getting into a hot air balloon. This neither conquers the skies not travels in the speed of light. The joy ride is to just give the feel of going on a hot air balloon.sky fest

The organiser of the Skyfest roped in the Skywaltz team to pilot their balloons at the venue. Richard a pilot from the Skywaltz, when asked about the structure of the ride stated ” In the long rides, once the balloon lifts off, the direction where the balloon is headed, depends on the direction of the wind. To determine the direction of the wind, test balloons are launched in the air. ” The short ride will be a tethered ride and will give you the feel of the riding in a hot air balloon, stated the balloon pilot.

skyfestAttendees at the venue had a good time with the continuous music, lights, performances and the hot air balloons. The stalls in the shopping area included food joints like Arabian Shawarma, street bites, Altman cooks, Snow Cola and Papa Johns. Among the others Coke, Apollo Hospitals, Sparsh Hospice, GYO health, and Karvy had impressive stalls.

So, book your passes now, go with the right mindset and have a beautiful experience. End this year with a bang, add a new thing to to the list of adventurous things things you have done in 2015.

Vimal Mohan

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