New Year Party 2016 Mumbai at Smaaash

New Year Party 2016 Mumbai at Smaaash

Smaaash New Years Eve 2016 in Mumbai:

Author: Shilpa

Have a smashing start for the new year 2016 by heading to a bash that has the most extravagant setup. Mumbai is the place to be for happening parties in Mumbai on any given day, and if you are in town on the new year’s eve, think no further and drive down to Smaaash, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel to join the Smaaash New Years Eve 2016 celebrations.

If you are a music lover or the person who cannot stay away from the dance floor, this party is just for you. Smaaash New Years Eve 2016 will have four majestic arenas and seven most popular DJs from across the town playing their best tracks.

To pep up the mood even more will be the special music acts that have been lined up for the evening. If you are not a music person and prefer to spend time with your friends chilling in your own sweet way or go around capturing memories there is something even for you. To levitate your mood Smaaash New Years Eve 2016 also has a photobooth that will give you that picture perfect background worthy of getting those hundreds of “likes” or “hearts.”

Best New Year Party 2016 Mumbai

With an expected turnout of over 1200 people this is the place to be with all your friends and family members for the new year’s eve to weave a million memories together. And for the ambience of the party, get ready to enter the massive mystical world filled with exotic plants that shimmer in a supernatural light. The iron gates laden with vines and flowers that fill the dining area you are sure to be engulfed into an imagery that makes you feel like you have teleported into Wonderland.

The venue will feature numerous mystical adventure areas like the Queen’s Ballroom Arena, Mad Hatters Bar, Mystic Garden, the Twilight Zone and many more! You can venture through the 70,000+ sq. feet of Smaaash going from room to room, experiencing different cultures, music and entertainment in each! Before you enter a zone, make sure you have the right entry band, as certain bands have restricted entry access.

With packages catering to everyone’s preference, Smaaash Mumbai is going to be the most happening new year party in town. So join the fun!


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