New Year in Mumbai: One last night of 2015 at Trilogy

New year in Mumbai

Trilogy is back with the ultimate New Year bash in Mumbai


New year’s eve is the time we all love to keep aside our differences and party like never before. If you are on a lookout for one such party where you can have a gala time, the One last night of 2015 at Trilogy is the ideal pick. The city of Mumbai is sure to be filled with a host of parties that have the most splendid offerings for the guests, but not every party is the best, just because it makes a claim to be one. Not every party can deliver what it promises, because it takes a seasoned player to organize a party that will be remembered forever.

And in Mumbai who knows this better than the The Next Level Events & Purple Azure Events. That’s why they are together bringing to you the One last night of 2015 at Trilogy new year bash that will leave a lasting memory of the last night of 2015.

Featuring DJ Dash, who will be supported by DJ IROCK, the One last night of 2015 at Trilogy new year party will have two amazing party zones for the guests. The gates to the party will open at 9 pm and you can rush to level one or two, whichever lures you in to join the fun. Guests will be allowed entry to both the party zones, so you can come back to another party area once you feel the need to explore.

While you are having fun at the party do not forget to get your refills of alcohol as the party will be serving unlimited imported alcohol just for you. Pick your drink carefully and see what suits you best, but hey, do not mix your drinks and be responsible.

Here is your menu for alcohol and beverages, make your pick.

Absolut vodka

Ballantines whisky

Kingfisher beer

Jacob’s creek wine

Bacardi rum




All soft drinks, juices and Red bull

Drinking without eating properly will cause you harm and might not let you enjoy the party as well, so make sure you grab a bite or two from the unlimited food that is being served. The chefs will also dish out five veg and five non-veg starters to whet your appetite so do not miss out on them.


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