New year party in Pondicherry : Welcome to the boat party

new year

This time, let’s chill by the beach

Gone are the days when partying amidst the waters was a thing available for a few. Hotel Yagna Residency presents the boat party at paradise beach, Chunnambar boat house, Pondicherry. This  is Paradise beach’s biggest new year party and is sure to be a big gig, for, it’s not every day that you get to bid adieu to a year at a party on the beach of Pondicherry.

DJ Darkhunter will make your bodies grooves to the tunes of trap, hip hop, EDM, Bollywood and more.  The artist has worked with many renowned artists and knows his way around the turntable. He has that magic in fingers to switch from a track of trap to club without leaving traces of doubt to the audience. Such great talent will be at the venue to ensure that you have the best time possible while celebrating one of the biggest moments of the year

The event attractions of this party include visual DJing by the Visual Killers. The party animal in you will be called out for by the party games at the venue. So, better get your hands on all the party games and the little hacks that can make you succeed at them. With the all night open bar, alcohol should not be a constraint during the party games. So, play and drink your body weights.

For all those who enjoy a little fireworks, there will be a surprise session of fireworks to blow your minds away. Those moments when the sky at the venue is well lit, will remain planted in your memory for a long time. So, if you have that special someone, ensure you make them a part of your memories. For, it will be beautiful.

The stag passes are now sold at 2500 INR, couple pass at 3500 INR, VIP stag at 5000 INR, VIP couple at 7000 INR. So, book your passes now. The number of passes are limited. Get your pass now, before they get all sold out.

Party hard, drink responsibly.

Vimal Mohan

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