New year party 2016 Bengaluru at Sherlock’s pub

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Bollywood reloaded 2016 new year event

It’s the final days of 2015 and people are preparing themselves with different plans of how one could celebrate the new year and make the most of it. Some mess it up when there isn’t a proper plan and you end up at the worst party ever thinking it could give you a miraculous new year bang, but that doesn’t happen. Save yourself from the last minute hustle of buying or looking for passes to the party you wanted to go and get them today. The party is scheduled to take place in Bengaluru at the Sherlocks pub, Krishna summit, 2nd floor. The doors open at 7pm and the party goes on until 12:30am.

Bollywood reloaded 2016 is one of those awesome parties that you shouldn’t be thinking of waiting until the last minute to buy. Those will be sold out long before you decide. Your experience here will get you to cherish the moments for the entire of 2016. The new year party is one of those that comes just once a year and the efforts put in are definitely worth a praise. This could possibly be the place where you may come across your better half or even find a good friend. If you happen to be a single girl who wish to attend a new year party, this is the place where you can come by as a girl stag and ring in your new year.

The party does not require you to fill yourselves before coming in, you might as well come in hungry and feast yourselves to the lavish buffet including some amazing starters on the vegetarian and non-vegetarian side. If you enjoy alcohol, then you have a variety that you can choose from. You can gulp down as much as you want from the assortment of Indian made foreign liquor drinks and other spirits. Apart from music that you can dance to, there is other entertainment lined up to make your night more cheerful like the moon walkers performing dragon dance, bollywood freestyle, flaring bartenders and the year ending fireworks.

Before the tickets run out, make up your minds and book yours today at

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