New year party 2016: 31-16 Neon party the VIP way

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31-16 Neon VIP New Year Party at Taj Banjara

Neon theme parties are fancy and fun. And probably something we would all enjoy on a new year’s eve. But, have you ever thought of having your own party space where you can ring in the new year with the neon theme? No-no this is not a DIY for a house party. It is about having your exclusive space and getting the VIP feel on the new year’s eve while you are at the 31-16 Neon VIP New Year Party at Taj Banjara. The passes for cabanas that can accommodate around 8 to 10 people are on sale now. So, pool up your friends and buy this now, it comes with unlimited food and beverages along with giving the guests access to all the party areas.

Taj Banjara will be hosting this grandiose new year bash that has five halls of music by six DJs, and three world-class dance floors and access to the premium bar, which will stay open for four hours.  You and your friends will get access to all these, plus the cabana at a price of just Rupees 49,999, which does not even count up to Rupees 5,000 a person if you are coming down with 10 of your friends.

That will most probably be the number of friends you will be planning to celebrate the new year’s eve with, ‘coz the bigger the gang, the more fun it is, right! And if you happen to pay this as the price of a pass elsewhere, you might not enjoy benefits that match up to this. So, take a call and book your passes now.

Apart from the dance and music, there are amazing gifts and awards to be won, like the lucky trip to Dubai and the award for the best couple. Also keep your eyes on the sky as you will spot the fancy fireworks, that will be up at the stroke of the midnight as you scream and shout Happy New Year!


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