New year 2017 Bengaluru: VIP party, single or family

Grand Fiesta 2017 new year event

Grand Fiesta 2017 new year event

Last year around this time, you were probably running around with you then partner, figuring out which parties to attend and when you recall the moment, it’s sad that she isn’t around. You also don’t have to worry about who to go with to this new year party. With each passing year, people are gaining momentum and understanding there might be a lot of people out there still who may be single and want to attend a party but can’t because stags are not usually allowed unless with a couple and that is mostly a rare occurrence where you would actually find a couple who is willing to have you tagged along for their new years’.

You can leave all those thoughts behind and get ready to hit one of the best parties in town, a lot of them have started allowing stags with or without couples. So, even if you’re a single girl you can go too. It’s not just the part where you just go to any party, but you get to be where the best music is played, lavish food and liquor is served.

The food served will comprise of different cuisines from around the world including 250+ cold cuts, barbecue, and a lavish dessert spread to put an end to the new year eve dinner. While you treat yourself to a heavenly night in all aspects, why leave your kids behind or with someone else. Yes, you can bring your kids to this new year party and they wouldn’t be dancing with you between the adults who may even get a little extra tipsy. There is a separate arrangement for kids with dedicated nannies and they’ve got their own lavish buffet spread especially being put up for them. Not just that, they have balloon games that can be played, watch cartoon movies and also a tattoo artist available for them.

Now, for your part of the night, it’s not just the drink and dances the night away parties in a club. There are five DJ’s who would be looking for the music, a few international, belly and fire dancers, fireworks, a VIP access to three different areas and a pick and drop for the first 200 couples only. The party starts at 8 pm and ends at 1 am at the Sheraton grand Bangalore hotel, brigade gateway in Bengaluru. Book your passes soon to avail the early bird price at

Syed Hussaini

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