New year 2016 in Hyderabad : Go Platinum Stay overnight Party hard


Driving back home after a party is the toughest thing not just because you run the risk of being of meeting with an accident. But also for the risk caught for drunken drive and the ordeal of having to run from pillar to post to claim your vehicle back. And neither of this do you want to go through on the New Year day. So, why not spartytay back at the place where you attend the new year party?

Taking advantage of this need for an accommodation, many hotels do increase the prices, but here is one new year party package that not just offers affordable room accommodation, but also offers access to three happening new year’s eve party. Yes, that is five times the fun at the cost of one. Wondering what’s the fifth one? Well, the guests who buy passes for the Go Platinum Stay overnight Party hard, at Radisson Blu will be treated with a grand buffet New Year’s brunch on the New Year day from 12 pm on wards.

And on the new year’s eve the guests will be treated to the luxury of a dedicated table at any restaurant or the bar41 and will enjoy access to all the 3 DJ parties. You get to switch between parties too, so you can probably make a start at the DJ party featuring female DJ Lilith at Azure, and then test the waters at DJ Hucky who will be playing at Movida and then move on the the musical retreat by DJ Felix at the Lobby level before you call it a night.

All the while you will get to treat yourself to Unlimited imported alcoholic beverages and starters, 16 international cuisine and choicest Indian delicacies. So, what’s holding you back. Book your new year special stay package now and enjoy the royal treatment.

Vimal Mohan

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