5 reasons why you should buy New Year passes online on MeraEvents

New Year 2017

Online ticketing has changed the dynamics of New Year Events. MeraEvents has redefined them adding several new dimensions.

You will, indeed, miss out on the best events and several goodies, if you are not on MeraEvents.

Here are the five reasons why you should buy your New Year passes online, that too on MeraEvents platform.

1. Every New Year Eve party/event in India is listed on MeraEvents. This simplifies a lot of things. You can make a choice from the assortment of events listed. You can actually compare the offerings by every organiser on the MeraEvents platform itself.

2. You straightaway get a 10 percent discount (or a maximum of Rs. 200), if you use Paytm wallet on every transaction. You can actually realise this benefit for every ticket on every ticket you buy on MeraEvents platform. This facility is not available for offline passes and also on other portals.

3. Once you buy the ticket, you get a referral code using which you can refer as many of your friends as possible. Each successful transaction gets 5 percent cash back to you and your friend gets an equal amount — 5 percent – of discount. This is applicable to every referral that is made. You can actually make the best use of the opportunity by referring as many friends as possible.



4. Buying online has another most important benefit. If you are buying on MeraEvents, you will be doing so on the most responsible platform. The money you paid for the purchase of your ticket is not transferred to the organiser until the event is complete. In case the organisers fail to fulfil their promised offerings or the event gets called off at the instance of the organiser, you can ask for a partial or complete refund of the ticket money, subject to the conditions agreed upon at the time of purchase of online ticket. You will not have this facility for buyers of offline passes.

5. You can also avail yourselves of bulk discounts and special discounts from MeraEvents as the platform introduces some dynamic New Year Special discounts, combo offers, offers from Paytm to its customers. You will miss out on them, if you buy on a different platform or offline.

A Saye Sekhar

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