New Year Party 2016 Pune: Camp with family

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Camp your new year night with your family:

Parties or events like these are quite unheard of and happen rarely. If you were thinking of going to a new year party, but have kids to take care of, you might try and drop them off at your cousin’s or your aunt’s, but there are chances they might just decline.

So, instead of dropping them off somewhere, why not just tag them along with you. And you will not have to worry about them being a part of the alcohol filled environment where people act crazy. This one is alcohol-free! Yes, there will not be alcohol served or allowed at the venue for this new year party.

The venue has been set up under the stars and will be more like a camping trip with the family. There will be a music DJ who will play until 1 am and since the days are expected to be chilly, bonfire will be lit and a Chinese lantern will be given upon entering the venue that you can light and mark the start of your new year 2016.

New Year under the stars in Pune

Celebrating new year under the stars will be a different experience altogether especially with alcohol being absent, it will play a major role in bringing your entire family together at a time like this where you were contemplating on dropping off your kids somewhere so you could enjoy the night.

At Man Vs Miles, you get to celebrate new year with your kids which can also be considered a camping trip with a bonfire, you get your Chinese lantern to mark the start of your new year, some amazing unlimited starters for the vegetarians and nonvegetarians, camping tents with comfortable bedding to give you a good night sleep and a music DJ that will play on from 7 pm to 1 am you can dance the night away to.

If you are new in Pune and wanted to get the best new year experience, this is the place. If you require medication, please carry that long because you will be staying over and will check out the next morning at 10 am.

So, for those of you who’d like to attend this camping trip for the new year, it’s scheduled at Man Vs Miles, Post valne, taluka Mulshi in Pune. Tickets are sold at 5,000 INR per couple and 3,000 INR for a stag. Hurry up and buy your passes today.

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