9 types of girls you would encounter at a new year party

New year 2017

A lot of stags go to a new year party in hope of finding their special someone there. They make efforts to choose the right place, go with the right set of people, try to look around checking, make new friends and drink to a limit where they think its enough to enjoy the night and ring in the new year that way.

Unlike a few people who don’t have an idea after an hour or so into the party that they miss out the whole idea of being there or know what time it is, stags should know there would be someone who is waiting out there for them.

So, here’s a list of the 9 types of girls you might chance upon at a new year party.

The selfie girl
You’re just entering the venue and hear the clichéd line “lemme take a selfie” from some girl behind and you ignore. You just got into the party and about to order your first drink and this time, you’re there in her selfie because she sped past and got in front of you giving that smile of defeating you to the bar counter and said “SELFIE”. All around you including you with that frowned face got on it. Watch out 😛

First time drunk girl
This is like the time when the girl fell in love for the first time and just couldn’t get enough of each other and befriended the bartender for a nonstop supply of spirits.

The excess baggage girl
You remember your daydream of being in the most pleasant party ever? Well, someone just beat you to it because they wanted to narrate every possible story about their ex’s thinking and you’re loving every bit of it. Watch her move!

The queen bee
Ever seen a press conference where all the journalists are glued to the speaker with snaps and mics? Here is one girl you think you like and suddenly you spot 8 to 10 people glued to her like she’s the ” Miss new year party girl ” and a one minute conversation with her, you know it’s just the glamour filled with total makeup. It doesn’t last long.tumblr_m5fe2rtq2L1rnqbplo1_500

The drama queen
You might have just spotted the right girl and your group warns you. But, you proceed thinking that’s a unique feature she’s got. Fifteen minutes later you’re standing in line at the bar requesting clean shots.

The hungry snob
No one is perfect, we all know that. Sometimes, you may be hungry so bad that you feel like you can eat a horse, but some girls actually prove it right to you by dipping in every bowl and plate they see, and all along she’s also been hogging on those fries and a drink to ensure a smooth intake of food.

Over friendly girl
A lot of people go overboard and get drunk over new year’s party, but that doesn’t mean you can choose the easy available one. There is always a girl who has gotten so drunk that she sends out her new year wishes to everyone with a hug and a kiss and that may not get over unless you want.

The dirty dancing girl
We all don’t have a partner to go with for new year celebration. However, we at least try and stay in line. There are a few self obsessed women who think they’re better than anyone and start pulling out these crazy moves that look erotic but you can’t judge. Confusion swirls around you, is she the one I had liked?

The cute girl
After all the awesome categories of women you’ve met, then comes the girl you actually like and think she must be great based on how she carries herself to the way she parties.  Just right! And then she pulls out the boyfriend who looked like her little brother apparently. Uh ohh … happy new year 2017!

Syed Hussaini

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