9 things you should not do at a new year party

9 things you should not do at a new year party

As you gear up to ring in the new year 2016 with your friends, you might have a huge list of things to do at a new year party this year. Make sure you watch out for 9 things you should not do at a new year party, just so that you, your friends, and everyone else at the celebration have a good start for the new year.

Spike drinks:

Well, whatever your friends have to say or however, interesting the drinking games might seem, spiking your drinks on the new year’s eve is surely a bad way to kickstart the new year. Remember that you do not want to spend the first day with the worst hangover.

Drink and drive:



However adventurous that might seem, give up the idea and pick a taxi, or usher in a driver service. Spending the new year in a hospital or a police station isn’t adventurous 😉




Eternalising memories of the amazing time is fine and acceptable, but do not over do it. Taking selfies, especially with a pout, is surely irritating. Instead, join the party and have fun. These memories are worthier than the “likes” on your social profiles.

Barge into groups:

You might run into acquaintances, but that does not entitle you to join their group. Just greet and move on. Make sure you don’t slip into blabbering amid strangers




Finding a date at the new year’s eve party might seem like a dream come true, and a bit of flirting is still fine, but do not overdo it and hit on every random stranger you meet.

Drink more than you can handle:

The alcohol being served is unlimited, not your capacity. So, drink sensibly and do not go overboard.

Call your ex:



Well, this is a No-No even on other days that you are drunk. Do not call your ex or drunk text him/her.

Eat random stuff:



Watch what you eat, especially when you are on drinks. Having a chocolate might sound like making a sweet start for the new year. But caffeine, fat, and cocoa in chocolate, might make you just get you high. This naturally results in a hangover on the New Year’s Day.



Don’t make the awws in the party go to ewws with your PDA. You do not have to let the world know how much you love your significant other. Feeding each other, drinking from the same glass with two straws and all look good in the B-grade Bollywood flick, not in real life!

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