9 things you should do for a long ride in a hot air balloon at the Skyfest


Going for a ride in a hot air balloon at the Skyfest? These are 9 things that you should do before you take that ride. For, it’s better to tackle a known devil than an unknown one.

1. Dress appropriately: Rides in hot air balloons can sometimes be tipsy. So, wear clothes which provide full cover to the body. This prevents you from getting injured in case of any minor accidents.

2. Keep the pilot informed: Inform the pilot of your medical conditions, if any, always ask the pilot if your condition could become a challenge while in the sky in the balloon.

3. Know your basket : Before taking off in a hot air balloon, know where the emergency equipment is kept. This makes you mentally aware of what needs to be done in case of any emergency.

4. How to board and exit the balloon : The passengers will have to jump into the basket of the balloon and it’s always good that you ask the pilot for tips that will help you exit the basket easily as well.

5. Position yourself : Once the hot air balloon has taken off into the sky, it’s very essential that the weight in the basket is equally maintained. Know what and how is the right position to be at in the hot air balloon.

6. Carry your own medication : If you are allergic to anything specific, carry your own medication for insulin or Epipen. Also ensure that the pilot is informed about your condition.

7. Prepare to be on air : The hot air balloon rides at the Skyfest will be fun, be prepared to spend a good amount of time in the air. Being mentally prepared helps a lot.

8. Timing is everything: The hot air balloons fly when the winds are more stable, so most of the times rides are conducted during sunrise or sunsets.

9. In case of any emergency : Pay close attention when the pilot gives you instruction on what needs to be done during emergencies. These come in handy during crash or swift landings.

Vimal Mohan

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