9 things you should do at a new year’s party

new year

The new year party is only a few days away.

Now that you have booked early bird passes for the big day and are all set to celebrate it with a bang, here are the 9 things that you should not forget to do at the new year party.

1. Take Pictures: Don’t think that others are judging you. Well, if they are, let’em. Pictures are a good way to remember the fun you had at the party.

2. Drink responsibly: Drink up, but don’t exceed your capacity. Be buzzed enough.

3. Invest some time in dressing up well : It’s a new year party and people don’t want to see you in an outfit that gives you the just out of bed look. Dress well and look sharp.

4. Book a cab : No matter what you think, you will end up drinking at a new years party. So book a cab back home. It’s safe. You could also book a cab in advance and by the time your party is over, your ride would have arrived.

5. Groom yourself : This one is for both the genders. Groom yourself and make yourself presentable. The expensive clothing you buy will not be of any use, if you’re not well groomed.new year

6. Follow the theme : If you’re going to a new year’s party which has already announced a theme, strictly adhere to it and make the party more interesting.new year

7. Know when to say bye : The party ends at 1 am or 1.30. Have a good time and leave 5-10 minutes before the party ends. This lets you save yourself from the embarrassment of being the last to leave.

8. Attend an After party : Once the new year party is all wound up, if you still are in the party mood, attend an after party. That will be the best finisher of your new year party. PLan for that well in advance.

9. Stay Awake till Sunrise : Post the new year party, take a walk, go for a drive, or visit your old schools and colleges. Stay awake and hit the bed only after the sun rises, just for the “kick” of it.new year

Vimal Mohan

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