9 New year party trends that are the rage in 2016

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New Year trends that are sweeping the events industry

New Year is a time of new beginnings, this goes without saying for the events and hospitality industry. Here are the latest trends we have noticed that manage to pull in the crowds and keep them happy. New Year is one of the busiest times for the event industry and standing out is key if you want to make a mark with your new year party.

Start promoting nice and early

This is essential if you want to build up the hype by New Years eve. There is a reason that the most successful New Year parties invest in branding and marketing their events consistently throughout the year. This is especially important if you plan on hosting a bash every year.

Larger than life venues

New Year parties can attract huge crowds and larger than life venues have become the norm. Smaller and intimate gigs are fun, but nothing can beat the rush of ushering in the new year with close to 8,000 people in attendance. These venues also can afford to spend a bomb on stage, props, sets and roping in top notch artists and performers as they work on ‘economies of scale’.

Early bird tickets

Early bird tickets are a way to get the best deals on New Year events. Start looking out for New Year parties around November so you can get some great early bird offers. Scout for the best deals online and you are sure to stumble upon some deals that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Specialized combos

It is important to know your target audience, getting the right kind of combos in place is essential for any New Years eve party. Couples combo, family combo, 4 friends, luxury passes, V.I.P access try and cater to each section of your audience with personalized combos.

Overnight stay options

Nobody likes to drive back home after a night of heavy partying. New year sees many deaths annually due to drunken driving and people falling asleep behind the wheel. Offering an overnight stay can be a life saver to people who stay far away. It is also attractive if groups are looking for a place to crash and have a private party after the main event.

Drive your guests back home

You can tie up with a cab service or rentals to provide a drop facility. No one needs to stick out like a ‘sober’ thumb and you can just focus on having a good time. People tend to get out of hand and have a bit too much to drink around New Years so giving your guests a safe option to get home is thoughtful.

Unlimited food and drink

Every New Year we see that appetites are on the rise. If you are a foodie and are looking for the most bang for your buck then unlimited food and drink are your best bet. Prices can shoot up during New Year season due to high demand so getting a cover early on is a good idea.

Celebrity DJs

The new crop of celebrity DJs has taken the New Year events industry by storm. Roping in big names has now become necessary for every New Year party worth its salt. Calling in these DJs can help pull in the crowds as many of them have a dedicated fan following. Having a celebrity DJ performing at your event can take your event to the next level.

Novelty performers

Having dancers, acrobats, fire shows, showgirls and performers at your event can really up the glam quotient. Take a leaf from the ‘Vegas playbook’ getting novelty performers at your event can really help set it apart from the rest of the events.


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