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Sensation India

Sensation is bringing ‘The world’s leading dance event’ to India , this is its ‘legacy’

Sensation is coming to India on March 5, 2016 and it is an event that is on everyone’s bucket list. We try to understand the ‘legacy’ of Sensation and what goes into making it ‘the world’s leading dance event’. There is no questioning the influence of the event in the international electronic music scene. Starting off as the ‘mecca’ of Trance and later adopting House and other genres, we have seen it become one of the biggest and most widely attended events in the dance music calendar.

Sensation is truly an international experience

Sensation is a dance event that started off in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Arena in the 2000s. Its global appeal and distinctive theme saw the party travel to over 33 countries across the globe. It has had editions in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy and now it is finally making its way  to India. Sensation in India promises to bring  the ‘White’ experience to millions of dance music fans in the subcontinent.

The Ocean of White

The religious focus on ‘White’ is what makes Sensation different from other festivals across the globe. Earlier Sensation held two major events’ White’ and ‘Black’ — one focussing purely on trance and the other focussing on hardstyle electronic music. The white dress code is followed reverently ever since 2001 when one of its founders Miles Stutterheim died in a tragic car accident. The party enforces its all-white dress code as a tribute to Miles and to signify the unity of the ‘dance music family’

Sensation in Hyderabad

Sensation at Dubai

Image credits: Sensation official website

The stage is amongst the biggest in the world

The Sensation stage has some of the most breathtaking props and elements and is considered one of the most painstakingly put together stages at any dance music event. ID&T, the team behind Sensation, has always managed to hold the audience in awe with their production values. The stage has lasers, lights, suspender cables for the acrobats and performers and intricate detailing.  The stage is one you have to see to believe. Flying jellyfish, fireworks, water and pyro effects, they have always managed to surprise us. We are looking forward to what they have in store for India.

The lineup is bound to be amazing

Sensation boasts of an impressive roster of DJs in its past editions. Regulars at Sensation include legends like Laidback Luke, Axwell, Tiesto, Oliver Heldens and Chuckie to name a few. Sensation has been a testing ground for pioneering artists and is at the heart of the electronic music scene.

Mr White will be there

The resident DJ of Sensation, Mr White is the enigmatic host and mascot of Sensation. His infectious style of playing, his legendary house sets, his extensive knowledge of music has seen him travel the world with Sensation. Sensation is the only event that can boast of its very own resident, a manifestation of all things Sensation ‘fashion, music, spirit, and mystery’.

Sensation in India

Mister White at Sensation Dubai

 Image credits: Sensation official website

It’s a spiritual experience

It’s incredibly rare for an event to achieve the kind of cult following that sensation has without it offering something incredible. Sensation has become a religion of sorts with close to 40,000 people attending each event. The event’s charisma has seen its music reach close to 4,500,000 fans every year and it just keeps growing bigger and bigger.

The people that make up ‘Sensation’

The biggest reason Sensation has become a runaway hit is its fans. It has been one of the most widely anticipated festivals around the world ever since the second edition. The entire crowd is part of the spectacle. The Ocean of White, the people that create it, are part of the magic. The footprint of Sensation is increasing, and now has reached Indian shores with Sensation 2016 being held at Hyderabad. The people that make ‘Sensation’ truly believe that music can dissolve boundaries and ‘Dance music’ is their medium.

Sensation India

Image credits: Sensation official website

The MegaMix

The Megamix is a regular fixture of Sensation. It is a compilation of the best dance hits from the past and the present. It’s a fan favourite and once it hits the floor, the entire crowd goes crazy. The Megamix traditionally ends with a huge fireworks display that give fans some fond memories about the event.

Sensuality meets spectacle

There has always been a certain sensuality to the entire event. Its performers, acrobats, and artists add oodles of sex appeal to the show and make it one of the most-sought-after dance events. The ‘White theme’ just adds to this sensuality. It’s a larger-than-life arena and the entire crowd is united in a tidal wave of white, it couldn’t get any more sexy.

Sensation in India

Performers at Dubai Ocean of White

Image credits: Sensation official website

It has evolved with times, yet stayed true to its roots

Sensation has managed to incorporate changes in the dance music scene while still maintaining its distinctive appeal. Though it had started off purely as a trance music event, it has, over time, brought in artists who play House music like Fedde Le Grande, BakerMat, Oliver Heldens and Zedd, catering to the evolving tastes of dance music fans.

This is your chance to witness Sensation in India. Book your tickets now!

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