New year celebration 2016: Pune has it Neon-ed the first time

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Welcome 2016 Zero Hour bash @ Post 91, Baner

The time is right, the place is right, it’s the most celebrated night of the year. Since you chose not to be anywhere else, it’s a wise decision. It’s that time of the year where people can literally start quarrelling over how their night would be spent and who gets to go to the venues with grandeur of the year. You may have planned to be by the side of your favorite bollywood icon for  this new year celebration 2016, by going to the venue where they may have been invited. It’s possible, but not when you want it. So, instead of failing to get a ticket to those events in the last minute towards the year-end, it’s way better to save time and plan your new year celebration 2016 with a bunch of friends or colleagues.

You may not like the idea, but it’s worth a shot. For the first time in Pune, the party host is keeping things a little different this time and it might bring on a new smile to you. The party will be themed neon and if you are thinking of getting some face painting done, it may help you with your celebrations for the night and can blend in pretty well.

If you can get a few friends to participate in with you, you might have the best night ever. Precautions and safety measures are taken by every organizer, so be rest assured of anything if you are scared. There will be a live DJ to entertain you for the night, and you might as well skip your lunch on this day and dine at the venue. It’s an unlimited food and drinks party, so you can eat till you’re full and drink till you pass. However, the drinking part is not really recommended.

The party kicks off at 8 PM and goes on until 12:30 AM. You may want to have someone who is sober, just in case you go over board and unexpectedly get drunk and then don’t know how to drive. The party is scheduled at Post 91, con Tower, Baner in Pune. Hurry up and get your early bird tickets today while they last on

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