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Bring your concept to life : Virtuality ==> Reality

You may have an amazing idea running in the back of your mind and may require development physically. Your virtually developed concept of product in your mind is a mere showcase of what you want and how it needs to be. Bringing it to life is not as easy as it sounds and it’s quite possible you may not be able to do it yourself or that you might find a DIY kit somewhere to start off. Someone who is in a phase like this tend to lose resources, money, time and efforts, not realizing they may have to trash the whole idea of building something soon if everything just goes to waste.

Attending a lean startup workshop will teach you how to work on your virtually designed product making your experience more learned, valued and resourceful. The lean startup methodology will teach you how you should conduct your experiment, analyze the outcome and decide if it’s worth persevering or should you consider pivoting and restart with a new approach. You may also need to look at your business model and have a good understanding of customer requirements. You will only be able to relate to this information, if you are a product manager, an innovation manager, a consultant, an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, agile project managers, scrum masters, project managers and others who manage cross functional teams or projects. If you find yourself enthusiastic about attending this workshop, then you might as well know that you will be coached and trained by speakers, mentors and maybe other enthusiasts just like you.

The workshop will be led by the prime speaker of the workshop Rammohan reddy who happens to be an entrepreneur, a consultant, lean startup coach and an innovator. Other participating mentors include Adarsh, Thiyagarajan, Vikram, Aravind and Natwar. These people have been a part of the lean startup methodology for sometime now and would be able to give you that experienced learning which you need. So, it’s a two-day workshop scheduled to take place at GreenBubbles startup services pvt. Ltd. L165, 1st floor, Sri Gayatri complex, HSR Layout sector 6 in Bengaluru. Hurry up and book your tickets at www.meraevents.com

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