Digital marketing summit 2015

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Learn how the world is going digitally advanced

The world is getting digital and many things that used to be hand written are now computerized or digitally done from the comfort of one’s seat. Mostly, everything seems to be available one click away and is easily accessible. In this age, many things have gone digital globally, and at the same time security has been tightened everywhere, especially the web space. If you happen to be a technology professional, you may have seen advancement in every area. Similarly, the marketing industry has also aged with time and has gotten technically advanced.

Marketing is one way we know how advertising works, digital marketing is a whole new way. The process and how things work have become technically advanced, but the basics remain the same. In order for an organization to succeed, proper marketing techniques are required to be used in the right method. So, if you are a marketing techie or an intern who maybe looking towards building a career, you should be attending this summit.

Different strategies help you identify, articulate, and execute opportunities that come in the form of leads usually. That does not necessarily mean your client is set, more background work is required.You may need to  address  issues such as where to market, who to target, how to get users,  and how to retain them. Your strategy plays a bigger role than the client’s requirement itself. In order to keep them coming and staying back, marketing with a personal touch and quality service will give them a reason to stay back. These have been the basics of marketing forever and will remain. People like Nabeel Adeni, Sudhanshu, Meraj Faheem, and Manish joshi would be the key people delivering talks and answering questions at the Digital marketing summit 2015.

Digitally growing has another insight of how each of those practices could be followed and how it works over the web. A small overview on these topics will be given on SEO 2015 and what can be expected in the future. Apart from this, Google plays a big hand in offering certain services at a low fee or maybe offered free until a certain time. This summit is a ground for discussion about the developments and trends in the marketing world that helps organizations survive. It is scheduled for December 13, 2015 from 10 am to 2 pm at T-Hub catalyst building, IIIT campus Gachibowli in Hyderabad. Get your passes today. Book online at

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