New Year Eve 2016 party Mumbai: See the splendor of fireworks

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Navi Mumbai international fireworks show 2016

A month is left for the new year eve 2016 event and people have started making plans of where to celebrate and what to do. This is that festive time of the year when people look forward to having fun, they are in a mood for a holiday, some people take the last 2 weeks off as well trying to add their own piece in making the experience like a gifted holiday.

Everyone have their own fantasies to fulfil at this time of the year and most of them will have more or less the same kind. While the crowd maybe counting minutes or maybe hours away from the countdown moment for new year, each venue is set up according to the expected audience and is willing to give in their best.

This year, while everyone maybe gearing up to look at the best DJ in town to dance the night away towards the new year celebration countdown, this event is a little different. The best fireworks will light up the skies of the city of Mumbai with that glitter until the night is young. It will be the best fireworks ever in the country. The evening show is being organized by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

While each of us might get busy in celebrations and fireworks on new year eve 2016, keep in mind that many of the less fortunate people might not get a chance, whatever maybe the reasons. So let’s not go overboard by getting drunk so bad that you can’t handle yourself and keep falling off every now and then.

Responsible consumption is appreciated while you also enjoy the party until the clock strikes midnight, after which a lot of people tend to go out of control. So, for those of you who are interested in attending the fireworks show for new year’s eve, the tickets will be rolled out soon for purchase, pick your choice. The show will be on from 8pm and goes until 1am on January 1, 2016.

Syed Hussaini

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