Challenges, solutions in organising big-ticket professional events


When organising a large scale event, many hindrances come in play. The challenges in professional events, especially where the event if highly focused on very academic subjects, a variety of problems pose a challenge to the event organisers and event planners.

Things which seem trivial evolve to become huge problems. Everything from contacting and finalising on a keynote speaker to fixing the venue of the organisation could complicate the procedure. After deciding on the theme of the event, an important key note or chair speaker’s advise or suggestion could change the whole

Prema Zilberman, General Manager of Kenes exhibitions stated: “In concept-centric professional events, there are no pre-set data for the target audience. The schedule provided is never adhered to, resulting in loss of time. This brings in the need for ad hoc changes in the preset schedules. Finding and reaching out to the target audience becomes a challenging task. The organisers analyse the market needs of the host country and accordingly chalk out a plan to organize the event.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining to events like these is that the publicity and marketing is done largely by the Public Relations (PR) team and through digital marketing. Professional ticketing partners like MeraEvents are assigned the task of spreading publicizing and marketing the event. Digital marketing through social media, blogs and other digital mediums are widely used.

Prema, General Manager, Kenes Exhibitions ‘stated support provided by MeraEvents for the event was absolutely fantastic.’ Passes were issued smoothly and efficiently the error rate was very close to zero percent.

The second Defense and Aero Supply exhibition held on November 30, 2015 and December 1, 2015 is one of those large-format events ever conducted in Hyderabad, Telangana in this genre. Delegates from around the world attended the exhibition. The attendees consisted of audience, speakers, delegates who used the platform to enhance networking and Interaction with Industry specialists.  In events of these scales, minute misses look magnified.

Speakers for these events are chosen selectively according to the planning of the event. Experts from each specialization are invited to share their views at these congregations. To broaden the approach and the influence of these events, the criteria to participate is kept at bare minimum. Small and large-scale enterprises can register, use this as a platform to network with peers and knowledge teams and mentors by sharing their ideas and products. This open and neutral platform help the companies gain networking on a global scale. The government of Telangana has been very supportive and has extensively supported the idea and the event, the organisers said.

Vimal Mohan

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