National cyber safety and security standards Summit 15

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Learn how to protect your digital space at this two-day workshop

The world is going into a traumatic state, people are suffering globally and bombs are being detonated at the most unexpected places. It’s a point of concern for everyone. It clearly appears to be a time when nothing and no one looks safe, except certain high level diplomats. When this level of insecurity is involved, people working for the government become vulnerable and there is a possibility of data loss or leak. Confidentiality is everything for those people.

People need to take care of government data that is extremely private and confidential, and in a world like this, special precautions are required. For example: Apple keeps hiring those hackers who cracked into their newest OS mutilating it and re-engineering it to their requirements. This is an effort to maintain their state of the art quality. But the same cannot be applied towards government entities where bombers can’t be hired as officers or diplomats. However, we can understand that Apple takes every possible action to maintain that level of class. Similarly the government agencies can take every possible action to keep data secure, highly encrypted and in an event like an attack, they shouldn’t have to worry about data loss or leak where the nation’s security becomes questionable.

There are many concerns that are to be addressed relating to national data security and what initiatives should be taken to protect. The two-day summit is aimed at focusing on these issues where certain resolutions have been pre-decided which may be passed based on:

  1. The security measures that are being rolled out by the corporate organizations with a surety of data protection and,
  2. What kind of awareness can be created among the individuals to help them adapt to certain roles and responsibilities in protecting their data in this world.

There are many topics that will be focused on, a few of them are social media cataclysm, email hacks, digital crime and forensic science, cyber security, communications, cyber attacks, and many more. The two-day summit is scheduled to be held at the Dr.MRD Auditorium, PES University in Bengaluru from December 11-12, 2015 10AM to 5PM. Each registered participant will be entitled for the 2-day participation at the conference, a delegate kit, a certificate, lunch and high tea. The registration for passes is still open and available, hurry up and book your pass today.

Syed Hussaini

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