9 weird new year customs from around the world

new year customs

The new year 2016 is just 35 days away and everyone is busy gearing up to ring in the new year in the most amazing manner. While most of us would be planning to attend a new year’s eve party and celebrate the new beginning, did you know that across the globe there are several people who follow numerous bizarre traditions as part of the new year’s eve celebrations? Here is a list of the 9 weird new year customs from around the world.

Belarus: The rooster can get you married

Did you know that a rooster could predict your prospects of getting married? Well, the people of Belarus tend to believe so, and all the unmarried women place small heaps of corn on the ground and let loose a rooster, it is believed that the women whose pile of corn the rooster approaches will be the next to get married.

Denmark: The more dishes thrown at you, the luckier you are



How would you react if people went threw dishes and plates at you on the first day of the new year? Not a pleasant start probably right? Ask people from Denmark and they might have a totally different story to share as it is believed that the more dishes thrown at you, the luckier you are as you have a huge list of loyal friends. So, here is how it works, On New Year’s Eve, Danes throw dishes at each other’s front doors to wish their neighbours good luck.

Greece: Watch your visitors, they influence your luck

People from the Greeks tend to believe that the guest who visit your home on the first day of the new year tend to influence your luck throughout the year.The first person to enter the house during the first few moments of the new year hour needs to enter the house by setting the right foot first, and must be a good-natured, lucky person in order to bring in good luck to the house. This belief is also found in many other countries and people tend to ask kids of the family to enter first.

Czech Republic: Watch what you eat, or you luck could just fly away

Citizens of the Czech Republic tend to believe that one needs to eat lentils to bring in good luck and prosperity on the new year’s eve. Poultry is avoided as it is believed to bring bad luck or let your luck fly away.

Philippines: Eat more to get lucky




If you are a foodie then book your tickets and fly to the Philippines, as it is considered to be a sign of luck if you hog in round foods on the new year’s eve, and no one would ever complain about you gaining weight or getting fat. This is how the belief works, round foods are believed to represent coins and the more round foods you have, the more money you are likely to make in the new year.

There is yet another belief, where parents ask children to jump, with the hope of growing taller in the coming year.

Spain Eat grapes to attract good luck

The Spanish tradition has it that eating a grape with every ring of the bell, at the midnight hour would bring in good luck and happiness throughout the year. The Spanish residents try to stuff themselves with 12 grapes (Las doce uvas de la suerte, “The twelve grapes of luck”) and try to finish each grape before the tolling bell halts.

Mexico: Craving for adventure? Try the Mexican trick

The Mexicans believe that carrying an empty suitcase on the new year’s eve tends to bring in loads of adventure and travel in the year. So, if you are yearning for some travel and happen to be in Mexico, carry an empty suitcase and stroll around the block at the stroke of midnight.

South Africa:

If you are in South Africa on the new year’s eve, watch your head as anything from a plate, to a television could land on your head as the natives have a belief that getting rid of old unwanted household items by tossing them out of a window would bring in good luck.

Estonia: Eat more to get lucky



Yet another destination for the food lovers as the Estonians traditionally would eat anywhere between seven and twelve meals on New Year’s Day. Yes, you read that right, we said seven to twelve meals, as the numbers seven, nine, and twelve are considered lucky in Estonia, and a the more meals one ate the person is said to be endowed with more wealth.It’s also said that every meal increases a man’s strength for the coming year and make him more prosperous.

What’s the most weirdest custom you have come across? Do share in the comments below, and if you have nothing unusual to do, make sure you crash at one of the new year’s eve parties happening in your city and ring in the new year 2016 with your friends.

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