9 things you could try as  couple this New Year

New Year ideas for couples

Here are a few new year tips to bring a smile on your loved one’s face

New Year is round the corner and it’s about time when we are all scratching our heads on what to gift our loved ones for the festive season. It’s time to move over from conventional gifting and mix things up by gifting experiences this New Year. It’s impossible to forget an experience and it’s a way to etch yourself in a person’s memory, so don’t forget to make your loved ones feel special by  gifting them an experience of a lifetime.

Get a view of the city on a hot air balloon

The Hyderabad Sky fest is coming up just a few days before 2015 comes to an end. There it’s quite a spectacle. It might seem straight out of a movie to rent out a hot air balloon but it’s well within your reach with the Skyfest. It’s almost a week filled with balloon rides, movie nights, concerts and shopping. It’s the best place to rekindle the romance just before the crack of the New Year.

Go for the biggest New year party in the city

Find your perfect New Year party, go out and live it up. Start off your year with an amazing night of music, magic and madness. Make sure you pick one that’s couple friendly and gives you an option of an overnight stay or a special couple’s offer. Make the most of your night and party hard this the new year.

Go stargazing

If you want a night away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you are looking to reignite your sense of wonder, a sky show is the place to be. Take some time off with your special someone and lose yourself in the mystery of the universe. Good vibes, good conversation and a fascination for the stars is all you need. A night of stargazing at a Sky show will surely be a perfect gift for the new year.

Run a marathon

Make sure you meet your new year fitness goals by signing your special someone up for a marathon in the new year. It’s something that requires commitment and it’s something that you can work towards achieving together. It can be an experience that you can bond over and the icing on the cake is that feeling of achievement after you finish the run successfully.

Take a trip together

You might have promised her the moon when you were wooing her. You don’t have to cross the seven seas to rekindle that flame. Just take a trip together, travel somewhere unexpected and where you can both be yourselves without a care of the world around. Be adventurous and plan a long getaway. You could hike up the mountains, brave the wild, go on a road trip, just break the monotony.

Go for a concert together

Every couple has their song. It can be something silly, romantic, or downright dramatic, but every love story has a soundtrack. Surprise your loved one by getting them tickets a performance of their favourite artist this new year. If you are running out of ideas, then Arijit Singh has a concert lined up for this month. So if you fell in love to ‘Tum hi ho’ then here is your chance to win her heart with tickets.

Get fit together

You have been promising to hit the gym for years now and still lack the motivation. This New Year sign up for fitness events that will keep you looking fab as a couple. Pick your workout it can be Zumba, Yoga, Crossfit or Cycling just pick one and get started

Go camping

Get back in touch with nature and each other. Try out a weekend in the wild, make a campfire, roast marshmallows, talk about the things that matter. Camping is the perfect experience that gives you an opportunity to share your stories and get a chance to know each other all over again.

Laugh more together

They say a couple that laughs together and share a sense of humour last longer and have more fulfilling relationships, besides there is nothing sexier than a sense of humour. Book tickets for a stand-up show or a funny play and attend it together. It’s much more fun than a movie or a dinner date and it can really lighten the mood, and bring back the zest in your relationship.

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