9 reasons to visit the skyfest


Always envied the airborne creatures? Here’s your chance to get back on ’em. Balloons will float in air from December 23-27, 2015. The Skyfest brings to you an opportunity to fly a hot air balloon. The first ever flying event that gives you the opportunity to celebrate life, both in air and on ground. This five-day event is your chance to fly. Still skeptical?

Here are 9 reasons for you not to miss the Skyfest.

1) Go airborne : This, my friend, is your chance to fly. The flight options are categorised into joy rides and long rides for ease. The joy rides will be for a shorter duration, compared to the long rides. So, pick the cup that suits you the most.

2) Who says no to shopping : The venue of the event will be filled with balloons, 300 stalls for shopping, bargain deals, food stalls, Jewellery and the organisers may even surprise you with new stalls whose content is not disclosed yet. skyfest

3) Midnight movies : Let the romance kick in with the midnight movies. The icing on the cake is that the movies slated to be screened are the latests ones , including Dilwale, Baji Rao Mastani, Bahubali (Hindi), Sreemanthudu and Maya Bazar Colour (Telugu).

4) Go Rockstar : Electric guitars and the drums will roar to life at the venue with college band and corporate bands battling each other. The Coke Studio will turn the venue upside down with their music. Shanker Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Devi Sri Prasad will make the crowd shake their leg to their tunes.

5) Contests : Looks like the organisers have taken an oath – an oath to not let the audience get bored, not even for a minute. The venue will be hosting contests, including college and corporate dance competitions, society dessert competitions and more.

6) Food : Among the 300 stalls, many are dedicated to keep your tummy going whirl and keep you drooling wanting for more. At the venue, stop counting your calorie intake as the delicious food will toss your will power away and the variety of delicacies will pump all the blood out of your brain. Taste the variety and flavor that the food stalls at the venue has to offer, for, its Skyfest and our new year resolutions to stay fit only start after January 1, 2015.

7) Rekindle the Romance : Here is your chance to sparkle your love life before the year ends. The memories made at the Skyfest will never fade away. Could there be anything more romantic than taking your loved one in the air, several feet above the ground and telling them the important place they have in your heart.skyfest

8) Carnival Parade : The carnival at the Skyfest will be one to experience. There is so much to say, yet some things are it’s best when kept unsaid, so go experience the carnival and share your experiences. It’s gifts, shows and contests and above all experiences galore.

9) Conquer your fears: If Conquering your fear of heights was your resolution for the previous new year, this is the perfect place for you to conquer acrophobia. Under the supervision of trained and skilled staff. Rising into air, will be an act of ease.

Vimal Mohan

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