Solar system design and mobile charger, making workshop

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Learn – How solar energy works and how it could help you!

The utility bills these days are getting higher by the day and it’s definitely a point to worry. You can choose to have an air conditioning at home, but the bills might almost give you a panic attack. But if you’re smart or have interest in decreasing those bills somehow and if your mind ever generated some interest towards solar energy, this is the time to bring it out in broad daylight. You may only have an idea that solar energy has something to the with the sun and that’s exactly how it works. However, the mechanisms are the details which we are not aware of. So, let learn to design a panel and a mobile charger using solar power.

A one-day workshop focused only on designing a photovoltaic system to power your own house using the solar energy. How cool is that ! After a brief overview of the schedule for the day, you start designing a solar power plant using the concepts of photovoltaic systems and you will be taught how that works in powering your own house with electricity, from the sun. Post lunch you will start designing the mobile charger from scratch. You may be surprised by the only a-day long training appearing to be sufficient in the solar panel development powering your house. You will be shown how it’s done. You can surely decide on what kind of charger are you looking to build in that mobile charger building activity. The experience is certainly one of a kind and these kind of trainings do not happen too often.

At this training and workshop, you will be taught how to design a PV system, concepts of photovoltaic size, inverter and the battery capacity. Upon registering, you will get a learning kit and a certificate. The one-day training is scheduled to take place at the IIT Bombay in Mumbai on November 28, 2015 from 9:30AM to 6:00PM. So, if you are one of those people interested in solar energy development, then you need to hurry up and book your registration passes now.

Syed Hussaini

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