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NLP, neuro linguistic programming

Learn to teach NLP – the certified way

Ever wondered how your brain functions and why in a certain manner? Neuro linguistic programming is a study of how the human brain functions and how series of instructions and mental strategies lead one to do something just like a computer, the only difference being emotions that are attached to certain decisions which seem hard to be influenced. The programming measures objectively and specifically the physiological state and mental strategies people use that can be improved decisively providing a means of change.

People have a lot of problems and there many of those which we haven’t heard of. We may only consider their issues to be a matter of emotions or maybe some crazy influence over a decision that changed things. There is however a different perspective to all issues and may require to be addressed a little differently. Issues like addressing your brain, mental patterns, behavioral issue, time track, sub-modalities and a lot more will be taught. Your training will be a five-day course, each day covering certain areas of the course, giving you a bit by a bit understanding of your own self in a different way.

Introductions happen on the first day giving you an overview of course, a theoretical understanding of NLP, human mind, hypnotherapy and brain development. A little insight about the history and its founders is also given. After this session, you are mentally and physically ready to learn what NLP is all about and what it does. On day two, you learn different breathing patterns, anchoring, your hand movements, building rapport, sensory representational systems, communication models, prayer life, map of the world are some of the many features you will be taught. Day three you learn about your eye movements, the four basic emotions, defining anger, voice modulation, an intro to EMDR, overcoming resistance, matching-mirroring, anchoring yourself and others, positive intention and polarity. The fourth day, you learn about your goals and wants, generating new behavior, changing personal history, taking responsibility, kinesthetic exercise, communication and meta model. The last day includes curing fast phobia, non-context reframe, PTSD, affirmations, and you get your certification.

This neuro linguistic programming course is scheduled to take place at Plot # 211, Sahar road, opposite the cigarette factory in Mumbai. The course will run from December 16-20, 2015 from 9AM to 6PM. People who are interested in attending this brain functionality and improvement course should hurry up and book their tickets today.

Syed Hussaini

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