9 tips to host the best new year party in town

new year

The new year is just round the corner. All the event organisers are trying to make their event the best in town. Unlimited Food and Beverages are no longer the unique things that organisers can boast about. The competition is high and party people are roping in celebrities and famous social figures to new year parties to attract more crowd. The crowd is very selective and is keen on welcoming the new year at a party that feels young at heart.

Old are the days when people would choose a venue solely on the basis of the presence of a celebrity, make that extra effort to make your party live and happening. Here are 9 tips that can add that jazz and make your party the show stopper of the ramp.

1) Theme it up: The Dj alone will not be able to sway the crowd and make your party the best. Theme the party, give the attendees some home work. Come up with a unique dress code or make the costumes fancy. Else, go simple and make it a black and white party.

2) Capture the moment: With selfie sticks and drone cameras in the air, it’s all about capturing the moment. Make arrangements for a photographer on rounds and a photobooth in the party. To top it up, give away the photographs captured for free. This is some neuro-marketing that will keep them hooked to you.new year

3) Props are just as important: The props used should be relevant to the theme of the party or entirely contradictory. This bold move will give that touch that will make your party stand out. Ensure that you inform all the attendees about the pattern of the theme and the props so that they can dress accordingly and prep their minds as well. Party hats, capes, and masks can be good props.

4) Take care of their tummies : A party is never good as long as the food is bad, so don’t try to cut costs in the food section. Provide lip smacking, finger licking food that keeps the crowd going ummmmm. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

5) Pick your DJ wisely: In times like these, every monkey with a MacBook is calling himself a DJ. Be very selective on whom you hire. Preferably go for names that are already prominent in the industry. For, the Dj is the vertebral column of a party.new year

6) Let the booze flow: At the bar, have bartenders who are pleasant, swift and conservative. Keep the flow of cocktails smooth. Serve alcohol till the bar is open and keep the crowd informed about the closing time of the bar in regular intervals.

7) Pick a plush venue : Pick a venue that is easily accessible and has a lot of parking space. If you are planning to host the party in the outskirts, have tie-ups with transport companies to provide public transport, post the party.
8) Spread the word : Use your little birdies to spread the word. Keep the crowd informed about the party and the attractions that you have to offer.

9) Give it the right digital boost : Once you have all the loose strings sorted, go viral on digital media and advertise your party. Use your connections and get people talking about it. Spend a little on digital marketing to get the right buzz, you could also hire ticketing partners like MeraEvents, who have the tools to get the job done.new year

Vimal Mohan

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