9 tips to ease hangover after a new year party

new year

We’re all prepared and have all the dos and don’ts in mind. The new year party has been planned and all the necessary precautions have been taken. You have memorized all the 9 ways how you could avoid suffering a hangover. But, Murphy’s Law comes into play, Anything that can go wrong, will. You end up drinking a lot, you mix all the booze available in the bar counter. The party ends well and shot opens with you waking up with a splitting headache.

Even the whirr of the blades of your ceiling fan reminds you of the turbines of a hydroelectric power station. The tiniest decibel is amplified by 1000 times. In these times, here are 9 tips that can help you get over the hangover

1) Re-hydrate: Drinking alcohol makes you lose all the water content in the body. Drinking lots of water can be a very useful as that can make your hangover go away. Water lets your body perspire and lets the alcohol dilute.

2) Make an omelet: Eggs are excellent to combat hangovers. They consist of an amino acid called cysteine. Cysteine breaks down the alcoholic toxins that make you feel unwell. This is also good breakfast 😉new year

3) Cereals : If the thought of eggs is causing a hurricane to rise inside your tummy, you could beat the hangover with a bowl of cereals. Oats or cornflakes are generally the best choice. Add a glass of milk to enrich the breakfast and also milk adds fluid content to your body.

4) Lemon : Lemons can do the magic. They have the capacity to bring back the normal pH levels in the body and get rid of the after effects of excessive drinking like queasiness, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, and muscle pain.

5) Tomato Juice : Tomatoes have the enzyme that helps the body to metabolize the alcohol quicker. Plus, it has all the vitamins and minerals in it, that help the body beat the after effects of drinking. Add some lemon or honey to the tomato juice for that good taste.

6) Banana : Go minion and increase your affinity towards after-drinking. Potassium is flushed out of the body after drinking and eating bananas is the best way to overcome a hangover and regain all the lost salts.

7) Go back to bed : Hangover can be cured by just going back to sleep. Loss of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is one of the major causes of hangover and can be cured by going back to sleep and giving the body the time to regain energy by sleeping.

8) Take a walk: Taking a small, gentle stroll can be a perfect way to relieve you of hangover. Walking helps your body in breaking down the toxins of alcohol. It also helps increase the oxygen levels in the blood.

9) Shower :
Last, bust not the least, visit the washroom and answer all your nature’s calls. Taking a dump will help as it pumps out the absorbed alcohol from the body. Similarly, a cold or a hot shower also does wonders.new year

So, now go beige drinking to parties, as you have the tips on your fingertips on how to recover from a hangover.

Vimal Mohan

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