9 ways to revamp your wardrobe for this New Year party

New Year Party wardrobe

Look sharp and build a new wardrobe with this New Year lookbook

If you are looking to kick off the new year in style, here are some ways to build your own personal brand. Here are some must haves for the new year,so, you can turn up for the New Year party in style albeit ‘fashionably late’. Plan your New years bash outfit with these handy tips in mind.

1) Keep it clean and minimalist

If you are stumped on what to wear and need something classic then go for a look that mixes laid back with minimalist. Dark chinos and a white button down shirt are a go to if you like to play it safe. If you are going in for a dress shirt make sure that you have a clean and fitted look. It always helps to have a collar stay or holder to make sure your shirt does not look frumpy or ill fitted.

2) Oxfords make everything better

Invest in a pair of Oxfords so you can stay in style pretty much forever. They look good with a pair of dark fitted jeans or a formal ensemble. It’s advisable to go for a pair in shades of tan, preferably in dark tan so that you can mix and match for the perfect look. Remember to treat our shoes to a weekly polish and shine to keep them looking sharp. Invest in a shoe tree so that they can retain their shape even when they aren’t being worn. This increases the shelf life of your shoes by a couple of years.

New year party looks

3) Go for a woolen jacket

It’s tough to get that delicate mix of wool just right. If you can find a good piece, however, a woolen jacket is the perfect addition to your new year wardrobe. It looks best when teamed with a pair of dark chinos. Block patterns and large checks look flattering on a woolen jacket. If you can team it up with a black cashmere sweater or long sleeved Henleys these are a sureshot.

4) Layer it on

It’s winter and if you want to fight off the cold and not look like Santa Claus, while you are at it, the only solution is layers. Go for subtle layering and scarves that give a nice contrast to the look. Layer a dark suit and a printed shirt with a nice silk scarf. Silk is the ideal texture to add layers and warmth without making the entire outfit heavy and adding volume.

5) The perfect polo

A polo T-shirt is an essential to any wardrobe. Preppy frat boys have given polos a bad name, but that’s no reason to stop wearing them. When looking for a Polo fit is everything. The sleeve seam should fall on the edge of the shoulder, sleeves should fall half to three quarters down the biceps and  should not be too fitted, the body should be trim and not too long.

6) Smell the part                                               

If you walk into a room it should be all eyes on you, but not for the wrong reasons like the overpowering stink of your cologne. Don’t throw off all your hard work in compiling the perfect New Year wardrobe by picking the wrong cologne. Go for fragrances with tobacco, wood and leather accents. Some good choices are Armani code, Issey Miyake Nuit D’issey, Burberry for men or Fan Di Fendi pour Homme.

7) Go for a classic leather strap watch

Stay away from fads like the smart watch or tacky sports watches. Go for a classic analog number with a slim leather strap that suits every occasion. Make sure your watch is not chunky and fits your hand well. The best thing about a leather watch is you can interchange the straps and give yourself a new look without investing too much money on it.

New Year part looks

8) The textured belt

This New Year keep with the times and go for a textured or webbed belt. If you are going for leather or faux leather think ‘alligator’ if you are going for cloth, then add depth by going for a simple pattern like stripes on solids. However it is always better to be conservative with buckles the more unassuming they are the better.

9) Get some jet set worthy luggage

If you are travelling for business or leisure, it pays to get some luggage that adds to your style quotient. If you will be packing your winter wardrobe into your carry-on you should go for something that’s roomy and high quality without looking bloated. Go for a quality duffel bag for a two day stay or a roller if you will be travelling for the week. For duffel bags go for materials like canvas or leather and for a roller you could go for hard plastics that retain their shape no matter the abuse.  

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