9 reasons to ring in the new year 2017 at a resort

9 reasons to ring in the new year 2016 at a resorts

Are you still planning the way you wish to ring in the new year 2017, well here are 9 reasons to ring in the new year 2017 at a resort, instead of heading to any other destination this new year’s eve.

1. Away from the city: Move away from the hustle-bustle of the city and ring in the new year at a venue that is filled with lush green lawns and tucked into the beauty of nature.

2.Spacious: A resort is the last place you would feel cramped and claustrophobic. Resorts usually have vast open areas and can accommodate a large number of guests without making it seem overcrowded. This means all your friends, friends-of-friends, et al can party the night away under one roof.

3.Option to stay back: Be it the risk of venturing on to the roads behind the wheel in a tipsy state or having to drive back on to the busy city roads, most people do not tend to prefer driving back home after a nice party. A resort is the best place to party if you relate to this, as most new year party at resorts come with a stay package for the guests.

4.Theme parties: The vast grounds and ample space opens up the option to host grandiose theme parties, so if attending a theme based new year party is on your bucket list, you know where to find one.

5.Pool: Why end the celebrations when the clock strikes 12, let the night be longer than the rest and party until you drop. Resorts have pool areas where you can have a gala time with your friends until you decide to call it a day, so isn’t that reason enough to head to a resort this new year’s eve?

6.Drinks and sports: Play a game of volleyball or football with your buddies rather than just drink the night away. You could also mix both and have double the fun if the new year’s eve celebrations if you decide to crash in a resort.

7.Unlimited F&B: Why spend a bomb on food and beverages when you have shelled out a fortune for the new year party passes already? You wouldn’t want to right! Well, most new year parties at resorts offer unlimited food and beverages as part of the new year party package so do not miss this.

8.No need to drive back: Why go through the pain of having to drive back home when you can opt to stay back at the venue and enjoy the comfort of staying in a fancy resort on the first day of the new year 2017,

9.Complimentary breakfast: If you are planning to opt for a new year special stay package make sure you pick one that is being offered by a resort as they tend to come bundled with a lavish spread buffet breakfast on the new year, for you to relish before you check out and head back home.

Interesting isn’t it? Here are a few new year parties at resorts that you might interest you.

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  1. Would like to get details on uocoming skyfest in december as well as the new years eve packages for families( small kids along)

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