9 tips to avoid a hangover post the new year party

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Banish the new year hangover with these handy tips

The new year is all about the drinks and the games and the intimate dance sessions whenever the DJ gets your jam on. The night of the new year’s eve is definitely one of the best nights of the year, but let’s take a minute to think of the consequences our actions on that night can have. Yes, I am talking about the inevitable hangover we have the next morning we wake up. Even a whisper feels like an explosion that occurred in the pearl harbor.

Here are 9 tips that can help you avoid a hangover post the new year party.

1)  Don’t mix your drinks : Mixing drinks can make you throw up. It acts like a catalyst and there is a very high probability that it could make your party go for a toss. So, Don’t mix your whiskeys, vodkas and gins. Choose your drink and stick with it for the night.

2) Stay hydrated : Staying hydrated is the best way to ensure that we wake up without a hangover after the new year party. When high, our kidneys have a tendency to let the floodgates open and flush out all the water from our body, so consuming water in regular intervals is a good hack.new year

3) Don’t skip meals : Drinking on an empty stomach is something everyone should avoid.  Food in the body absorbs alcohol and helps you hold your liquor, drinking on an empty stomach makes you high in a short span and the chances of you puking are more. It’s always advised to have some comfort food even after the session so it can absorb the alcohol in the stomach.

4) Pace your drinks : Every Bollywood movie shows drinking shots as the hip way of drinking, but it’s not. They just look hot and have the ability to flip you over. Know your pace, and pace your drinks. It’s always good to keep a gap of 5 to10 minutes between each drink. It doesn’t matter how fun it was if you don’t remember a thing the next day.

5) Pick your poison : Stay away from drinks you don’t know about. Ignorance is bliss, but not always. Don’t experiment with new drinks like Absinthe or a Bacardi 151, It can get really out of control if you aren’t used to such strong alcohol.

6) Choose your appetizer :  Not every appetizer is the best while consuming alcohol. For a few, corn cobs are the best while a few like to munch on peanuts and chips while at the bar. So, order the appetizer that suits your palate.

7) Know when to say no : Know your alcohol capacity, When you genuinely think you’ve had enough to drink. Put your foot down and say no to the alcohol. Nobody likes taking care of a drunken mess on New Year’s so make sure you say no when necessary.

8) Answer Nature’s calls : Visiting the washroom to take a leak should never be avoided. Taking a leak is the body’s way of cleansing the body while we pollute it with more alcohol. So, never miss out on that.

9) Sleep Well: After the party is over, have some light food and go straight to bed. Get a good night’s sleep. Anywhere between 8-10 hours can be considered a good sleep. Sleeping gives  your body to recover and spring out of the influence of alcohol, thus helping you to avoid a hangover.

Vimal Mohan

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