9 resolutions that you could stick to this new year

new year

The cliched new year resolutions are all that we hear off, now that we are nearing to the end of the year. The same promises that will break after a week after January 1. The Gyms will be packed for the first two weeks of January and all the stores selling cigarettes will miss their regular customers for the same time frame, and post the first 2 weeks, it’s all back to normal.How to stick to New Year resolutions.

Here are 9 resolutions that you could take and implement this new year bidding adieu to the cliched new year resolutions.

1. Get a new hobby :
It’s always good to have a new hobby. Getting a new hobby can be an easy new year resolution that will last. This could be as simple as gardening or could be as difficult as learning robotics. It’s your choice.

2. Learn to play an instrument :
People who play an instrument are considered sexy, pick an instrument that soothes your heart and begin to learn playing it. It will be difficult when you start, but don’t give up midway. For, the fruits of completing will be cherished for a lifetime.new year

3. Change your wardrobe :
Change your wardrobe, revamp your collection and replace the regular clothing with something entirely or remotely different. Don’t end up wearing all latex and leather clothes 😉

4. Run a marathon :
It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Marathons have different categories according to your ability to run. Get started on running and practice towards running a specific distance in a marathon. Winning isn’t necessary, completing is.

5. Do 100 sit-ups everyday :
Sit ups are easy and they do not require equipment. Make your legs strong enough that they can take your own weight. Develop those toned and chiseled legs in the process. This is also a good way to progress towards getting those abs.

6. Ride to work :
Take your bike out for a spin at least once a week. Ride to work no matter how far you stay away from, once in a week. This way you will be the good citizen who contributes towards planet conservation and also burn a lot of fat in the process.new year

7. Learn a new language :

Learn to step out of your comfort zone, learn to twist your tongue in languages like Russian, Spanish, or German. Learn a new language, it can also be picked up as a hobby.

8. Buy a new asset :
We always plan on buying new things. Keep buying a new asset as a resolution. Spendthrift or not, we will end up buying ’em.

9. Start your own blog :
Write about what you feel, about the stuff that inspire you, stuff about you that you want the world to know. Start your own blog and communicate with the rest of the world. Tell ’em about your experiences, your travel and ask their opinions if you need any unbiased and anonymous help.

Vimal Mohan

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