9 reasons why you should celebrate new year in Hyderabad

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The approaching new year, will get people to start worrying about it sooner in order to plan the holiday, the new year’s eve or even celebrating it with distant friends and families living in different cities across India. Each city has it’s own charm and culture that blend into celebrations making it an amazing experience for those visitors. If you have plans to celebrate new year outside of your hometown, maybe with your distant family or friends consider celebrating it in Hyderabad this time. Your experience will make you come back for other festivals too. So, here are 9 reasons why you should visit Hyderabad to celebrate new year.

1. It’s cheap
When you come to Hyderabad, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to get around and try out new food or buy clothes here. The city is cheap and will leave you satisfied with it’s quality whether it comes to trying new dishes, buying clothes or getting around the city with local transportation.

2. You get to eat Biryani   
It’s the city of Nizam’s and just like Mumbai has its own staple ” vada pav “, its biryani in Hyderabad. To try out the best of tastes, you don’t have to go to Paradise just because it’s spreadout in the city. You should try out local outlets and Irani cafe’s that serve biryani, there are chances you will prefer those the most. Be sure to try the Irani chai as well.

3. You get to meet & greet people who speak the world’s most favorite Urdu dialect.
A lot of people in the world speak Urdu and here in Hyderabad, it has a different twist to the language that makes it sound funny to some people. One famous Hyderabadi move is the bobble head, move your head up and down to say yes, left or right to say no.

4. Friendly Cops
If you were speeding or crossed a red light, maybe even got a little too drunk to drive back home and you get caught, the cop isn’t going to use a knuckle duster to give you a lesson. Instead he would enquire, ask, check  and allow legal proceedings to move ahead and may give you a ticket ( Challan ) or request a court appearance. Cops do not usually misbehave here unless you make it really hard for them.

5. Late night food availability
You may be hungry in the middle of the night and most certainly you will not find restaurants stay open that late unless you’re at the airport. But thanks to those people who start serving food at 2AM and go on until 6. And it’s not just food that matters, the surroundings do as well. You can get finger licking food that is cooked in front of your eyes, fully edible, hygienic and most of all you do not have to pay a bomb just because it’s served in the midst of the night. You only pay the minimal charge.

6. 24/7 Transport
Unlike other cities, the city is wide awake for those people requiring late night transportation to and from work, airport and sometimes weddings that take place a little towards the outskirts. You can always find an auto or hire a cab using your OLA, UBER app from the position you are at.

7. Security
This is one reason you don’t have to fear anyone in the city. The patrolling cops are everywhere and normally, people are sensible to care what you have to say. You can move around freely and at any time of the night without having to fear of being robbed or raped.

8. Regional language not a barrier
If you happen to be someone from a region where hindi or Urdu is not spoken and you may be used to regional language, here in Hyderabad it’s Telugu. But do not worry if you don’t know because a lot of people who live here don’t speak Telugu as well. You can always speak English and people will not rip you off considering you a visitor or act racist with you because you don’t speak the language.

9. Skyfest  before new year
It’s a carnival that includes, food, concerts, midnight movies, shopping and of course the hot air balloon rides. If you were able to get a few more days off and could make it to Hyderabad a little before New year, you will be able to rock a few more days in the city with these attractions. It’s scheduled from December 23to 27, 2015. Check out the website and you can also get your passes here.

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