9 best new year packages

New Year 2017

Each year everyone who attends new year parties come home with a lot of complaints and issues they faced while getting in and out of the venue, food and beverage issues, transportation, valet parking, and a lot more. There is still time to chalk out the issues and plan your parties accordingly. Below are 9 best new year packages that you could look out for while you select your new year’s eve party.

1. Unlimited beverages

People these days are conscious of what they spend for new years given the number of parties that take place. If you are one of those people who have a huge appetite for alcohol, then you should be looking for a party that serves unlimited beverages for the price you paid. However, do watch out for the IMFLs as they tend to get adulterated at these times of the year.

2. Unlimited food

You do not want to wander around the city in search of food at the time of the night when everyone is busy celebrating and wishing each other Happy new year. When you look around to pick the party to go for new year’s,  look for unlimited food options so that you don’t go hungry in the middle of the night. There are many options to choose from and a lot of parties serve unlimited food.

3. Pick and drop service

After a night a full of dancing and drinking, you may not be in a position to drive back and also don’t wish to stay back. Certain venues pre-book cabs for those who would like to have rides back to their homes after the party and the guests do not have to worry of how to get home driving drunk or extremely tired.

4. Stay overs

Some people don’t like to drive back home after the tiring night of drinking and dancing. Most venues offer this option of hosting for the night and the price is also included in the ticket price. However, this could be customized just in case the guests decide to go back.

New year 2017

5. Kid arrangements

A few couples do not like to miss the new year’s party and they have kids. People like these are on the lookout for parties that put up with kids and have them entertained and fed while the parents go on inside to party. This kind of services could be charged extra, but just keeping it available would be a lot of help to many parents.

6. Theme parties

When you are confused what kind of a party to host, you could always try theme parties since they do not happen too often and this may be the right time when people are looking to try something different. You could have parties like an all white party, black party, masquerade party, pyjama party, and more.

7. Couple entries

Since everyone ain’t single, it would be wise to have a category that would be a single pass allowing a couple into the party. These kind of passes could be helpful to those who have kids and it would also give them a chance of saving up on the ticket money which would be great deal for them.

8. Weekend getaway

This year, it’s going to be a long weekend around that time of the year. So, there are chances that venues might even offer the weekend get away program featured for couples and maybe honeymooners. Look out and enquire venues for a deal like this. It may be a good idea for those organizers as well who haven’t thought of this till now and may get you a hell of a good deal.

9. The new year parties on January 1, 2016

This time of new year will be around the weekend making it long and there will also be parties on the 1st January, 2016 making it a second party that not many people would know of. Since there is still time, look for venues that have plans already laid out and tickets for sale, you might get an early bird if they are available and we haven’t even stepped into December as yet.

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