9 ways to get in shape for the new year

new year

The number of days is going down and the countdown has begun to the eve of new year 2016. Everybody is busy trying to make a new year resolution list that they can abide by. After the endless research and never ending discussions with friends and colleagues about the best ways to stay fit, it gets difficult to get a closure. Here are 9 ways that can help you stay fit this new year.

1) Zumba : It’s a dance form that has been around since the 1990s. This physical regime consists of participants dancing to slow and fast rhythm music. The music comes from the following dance styles: cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop music, axé music and tango. There are nine different types of classes for different levels of age and exertion.

2) Crossfit : This style of fitness and strength conditioning program includes a ton of aerobics, calisthenics and Olympic weightlifting. This is a style of workout practiced all around the world and is a very unconventional method of fitness that only a few adhere to, due to the nature of its workout. So, for all those who wanna build muscle as strong as stone, this is the perfect opportunity.

3) Parkour: Let David Belle be your inspiration to walk on walls and jump through loops that only look real in the movies. Join Parkour, a disciplined training style that lets you face obstacles in the real physical complex environment in the fastest and most efficient way. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and any other form which seem suitable for the situation.new year

4 )HIIT : High Intensity Interval Training is the real deal for all those who are looking to either increase their muscle and bone mass or for those who are looking to burn fat. This anaerobic physical regime is generally done in sessions ranging from 4-30 minutes. This is one exercise that can be grouped under both cardio and strength training.

5) Swimming :
Humans have been known to be swimming from 10,000 years ago. This is just not a sport, but a survival tool. In a world where we are surrounded by 71% water, it’s better we know how not to sink. In this process, make your lads as wide as wings, your chests, broad and limbs strong.

6 )Power Yoga : Sometimes Yoga is not just about breathing in or breathing out. The term power Yoga, displays power, it can vary and can have any counts or sequences under the sun. The moves of Power Yoga have been designed to strengthen physical fitness and will power.

7)Rappelling: Rappelling is a german term used to denote downward movement using a rope. Rappelling is a sport that requires utmost discipline. In this sport, you aren’t just turning muscles to stone in your arms and legs, you are also pushing your mind to conquer your fear and think and respond beyond the fog of fear that’s clogging it.

8) Kayaking : Life’s a ride. Sometimes, it’s on a bike, sometimes on a jetty, sometimes in a plane and for the few who are looking to live on the edge, it’s on a kayak. The sport boasts of its many physical and mental benefits that it provides. A kayak is a small boat which is powered by burning your fat using a double oared paddle. So, if you’re up for the challenge, this is the real deal.kayak

9) Cycling :Ever wondered why cyclists have chiseled calves, strong and wide thighs and toned glutes. It’s not just because of the exercise, it’s also because of the amount of muscle produced in your lower half by one exercise. This is that one exercise that will make the ladies go gaga on your lower body. As a wise man once said, never ignore the leg day at work out.

Vimal Mohan

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