9 advices you’ve probably heard when prepping for a New Year Party

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There are a thousand reasons why your chosen party didn’t turn out to be the best last year and up to your expectations. Since there is some time left for the new years, we can still chalk out the venues that gave bad experience over the years and look for new places that may look enticing with star attractions and maybe even a low cover charge. If you actually wish you’re new year party experience to go as smooth as you think in the back of your head, then look out for those crazy advises people give just to see how mad you’d get. Here is a list of nine tricks people play to screw your happiness.

1. House parties aren’t rockstar events
If you have the ” party like a rockstar ” image in your mind, then attending a house party on new years isn’t gonna give you that feel. For, the crowd is limited and most of the throngs are known faces. You may or may not want to unwind in front of them for very obvious reasons. Plus, the cozy venues surely are not on the scale and size of a public venue. House parties don’t take police permission for sound. So, imagine how they would play the music.

2. Don’t get caught by a neighbor
If you are particular about going to a good new year’s eve party, do not pick the closest venue from your house. Chances are that your privacy may be disturbed, for a sibling or a cousin or even your parents may choose the same venue considering its proximity. Also, you may not hang out with your choicest belle or beau, as the case may be, fearing that neighbouring uncle’s probing eyes. If your consort is the girl or boy next door, you are almost in for an embarrassment with the neighbourhood blokes watching you with their tongues out.

3. Avoid overcrowded venue
You like to have your own space to stand or sit and let your hair down. So don’t pick venues that have parking problems and are overcrowded. Jostling is not how you want to usher in the new year. Thinking about your oddly parked car or securing your wallet should not be lurking at the back of your mind during the event. You spent a bomb to buy that pass. You don’t deserve the stink of the sweat of others. After all, you can’t welcome a New Year with a routine regret: “I will choose a better party, next year.”

4. Watch the drinks
If you don’t have food at home doesn’t mean you should hit the venues that give you the unlimited food and beverage deal. These venues that serve unlimited IMFL  can adulterate at this time of the year and you do not want to get poisoned. Leave alone being poisoned, why the hell should you consume an already diluted whisky? It is like having a quarter bottle of beer spiked with two sodas.

5. Don’t make advances
If you’re having a hard time trying to see if you get a girl partner to go with you for new years, don’t go and ask your office secretary to go with you. Respect their private space. For, there is this law that annihilates your reputation you built all these years. Just stay dignified and don’t make any advances for a hook-up. You can be rebuked or even attacked at the venue. Why get roughed up at a New Year Eve party?

6.  Change the venue
You need not be a party hopper, unless it is a compulsion to show up at more than one venue. You are not attending a dandiya event. If you are regularly choosing a particular venue for over five years, do not welcome the New Year in a stereotypical manner. Change the venue. After all, upgrade and move on. You will find it interesting.

7. Blind dates
If you haven’t had a girl in your life for a few months now and turn into a despo, don’t look for or run after blind dates imagining you will score a Katrina Kaif of your dreams. And new years is definitely not the time for one.

8. Don’t do drugs
Things that didn’t go well last year, ain’t gonna get better if you get drugged for the party in hopes of dancing away the effect or if you have imagined it will fade away within an hour or so. Drugs like marijuana have an effect that at least lasts for 2-3 hours, while LSD and heroin can go beyond 5 hours easily. You are there to welcome the new year, not get drugged and pass out only to end up helpless in some corner. Before you realize it, the sun would be up and no one around you.

9. Keep it trendy
Being excited to hit the venue for new years eve party is obvious, but don’t get over dressed in hopes of impressing the crowd. You most likely will be sweating between a few hundred people who are not bothered with who you are or what you look like. Take it easy on the dress and do not make yourself uncomfortable by wearing a full suit and vest. A casual shirt and khaki pants would be just fine. If the weather doesn’t permit, you could possibly add a jacket.  

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