9 ways to keep kids engaged at a New year party

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Forty two days to go and all the party lovers are looking to choose the perfect venue, where, they will count down those last seconds that will welcome them into a new year. It’s not always belles and beaus locking their arms and revel in the festivity, teasing the stags around. Couples with kids too throng the New year parties.

Here are 9 ways how organisers should keep the children engaged and safe, while the attendees (parents) enjoy an uninterrupted new year celebration.

1) Have nanny service

Organisers can have nanny service at the party venue to take care of the kids, so that the parents can chill. Make sure they handle the kids with care. Hire trained nannies so that they know the protocols to deal with kids of different ages. Kids have different needs. Especially when they need to attend a nature’s call, the governess should not grow impatient.

2) Designated play area

Kids have a tendency to run around for no reason. Have a designated play area so that kids do not cross over and head to the place where the adults are chilling. Indoor games like carom, chess, business, Ludo, snakes and ladders can be accommodated in the play areas to keep the kids from missing their parents. Have a couple of people helping the children with the trick of the game, but to ensure that there is no altercation and kids going to blows.

3) Keep their appetite in mind :

Kids have a smaller and weaker digestive system. Make arrangements for special food items that are meant for kids. For, you don’t want to end up cleaning their poop and crap caused due to indigestion of food. Also the food should not cause irritation in the stomach or throat. Food should be prepared in such a manner that there is no emergency need for a medical attention. If your attendees are coming with children for the event, please try and confirm if the children are allergic to any particular food item. Then, ensure such concerns are effectively addressed.

4) Lock the cars properly :

Kids recognize their parents’ cars by its make and the model and at times even by registration number. They might go and sit in any car, which resembles their parents’ car in the parking lot, that wasn’t locked. This is hazardous. Therefore, ensure that you deploy security personnel in the parking lots to check if all the vehicles are properly locked. If you are offering the service of valet drivers, train them to a parking protocol drill that includes locking of the doors soon after alighting the vehicle upon parking.

5) Keep the kids zone alcohol free :

Kids consume anything that gets in their hands. Or, at least, they would tend to put it into their mouth and taste the same — from nuts and bolts to alcohol. So, keep the alcohol section far away from the kids area, for, it’s unsafe. After all children want to have what is not given to them.

6) Puppet Shows

Then, the question of how to engage them? Kids love entertainment shows and puppet shows are definitely a heart throb for them. Keep the kids at the party entertained with their favorite puppet shows from Cartoon Network or Pogo. They will love it. Else, follow the trend to get some performer who can actually keep the kids’ spirits revved up. But, try and avoid magic show and other such activities which may not jell with the New Year party.

7) Talent Show :

The best way to keep the children entertained is by conducting a talent show. The kids can be asked to dance or sing or mimic or beat box or showcase any of their talents. The icing on this cake can be done by giving away prizes for all participants. Show the prizes first. Then you can easily make sure the kids stay glued to the contest with a lot of verve and enthusiasm.

8) It’s resolution time :

Each kid at the party can be asked to tell the audience about their new year resolutions. This can be hilarious to the adults as the kids have a weird way of thinking that cannot be matched by an adult’s mind. From never sitting in that Hindi teacher’s class to not to let their dad drive the car henceforth, many resolution may come forth.

9) Prevention is better than cure:

In the designated play areas, ensure that all the plug points are properly insulated and are kept away from the reach of the children present there. Any electrical accident is the last thing that you would want to have in your new year party. It is extremely difficult to keep the children stay away from the electrical appliances and plug points.

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