9 tips to organize a party this new year 2017

NewYear 2017

The ultimate cheat sheet on organizing the perfect New Year Party

The new year is approximately a month and a half away and people have already started talking about which party to be at and who to go with. While everyone can be busy figuring out what to do, you can plan your own new year party and invite them to your party. So, here are 9 tips to help you organize a party this new year 2017.


Choosing the venue can be tricky and challenging. It requires a huge parking space for a start where the guests will not have to park on the road. The venue needs to have a place where people can crash after the party — suites to accommodate families is always advisable. It must include some play area for the kids and finally the venue must be spacious.


This is the key to the success or failure of the event. How? The way you position your event vis-a-vis costing factoring in the perception of your target audience holds the key. Once the venue is finalized according to the rent, electricity, F&B (food and beverages) and other billable items, the biggest chunk of your expenses is the audience engagement — the artists, the DJs or the musicians, depending on what assortment of entertainment programs you are proposing for the New year eve party. Different categories can be classified to accommodate everyone’s budget. Discounted tickets could be given as early bird to a certain date to promote the sale.


Once you have finalized everything about the party ranging from the venue, DJ, food & beverages, etc, the last — but not the least — thing you must work on is marketing of the event. The party details could be put up on Facebook, twitter to run a few marketing campaigns. You can create a selfie booth, and you can take up offline marketing (conventional and otherwise) too.

Event USP

To keep your marketing efforts up and your party up to your expectations, you may want to invite a celeb to attend your party and maybe have a handful of people click pictures with them. The celebrity participation or celebrity performance will be a big draw with audience. So choose the best artiste who can make the crowds gyrate at the crack of the New Year 2017. If you choose an outdated artiste by compromising on the costs, you are in for a major embarrassment. So, go with the winds.


Decide an attire and a theme for the party that can help you pick the right DJ for the night. You can set a theme like Bollywood night, punjabi dhamaka, hip hop party and more. You have a bigger muscle, just scroll through the DJMag’s top 100 DJs of the world. Of course, by now most of them would have blocked their dates and may not be available. If not those among the top 100, nothing wrong in picking those in the next rung.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is something everyone calculates while buying your ticket, so be sure to give them a good deal. If you can arrange, see if you can serve A la carte as well. Make sure this facility is on offer for both drinks and also food. Demarcate veg and non-veg sections to cater to all sections and tastes. You should take necessary care to have piping hot food served to your guests. This is the best way to connect with your target customers, for they will remember this for long. Your next New Year event’s success will depend on what you serve your customers.


Before you party, you will need to obtain permissions from the city police regarding the noise, parking, alcohol, late night music, fire hazards, etc. Be equipped with all the necessary permissions so that no law enforcement agency hampers the New Year merriment midway. If, for want of any permission, the program has to be called off, mind you, you will never be able to regain the trust of the audience.Read more on permissions and licences to organize an event here.


The priced tickets can come as a package deal where everything is paid for. A  small package deal where certain items are paid for and the last where the ticket just gives you entry to the party and maybe with a couple of drinks can be mixed and matched to prepare bundled offerings. Ensure kids are part of the packages or kids packages are also parcelled into one of those blocks of offerings. Goodies or gift hampers for premium customers, who buy the costliest package offered by you, with rare items included in them can be a big draw too.


Terms and conditions must explicitly be mentioned including the refund and cancellation policies and all other disclaimers. Have them reviewed by a lawyer before printing it on a ticket so that you know everything is in order. Hey, bear in mind that you are not writing an insurance policy document. Keep the T&Cs are simple and easily understood by the customers. They should actually be guide to them for the event, apart from insulating you as an organiser from possible complications.

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