9 hygiene steps to follow at a new year party

New year hygienic venue

Don’t miss out on these make or break hygiene tips

New year is one of the busiest seasons for the hospitality industry. There is a party organized almost every week and the footfall is off the charts. It’s a make or break time for any venue. We have a few tips to guide you so that you don’t disappoint your guests and make sure they have a great time this New Year.

1.Servers and wait staff should be well groomed

Servers have to be prepped for and briefed about the event. Aprons, and sanitary caps should be provided such that the food is not contaminated. Make sure that facilities to wash uniforms, aprons and clothes are provided. Taking these small steps to get your entire staff dressed well and become presentable will add not only to the team’s morale, but even reinforces the confidence about the quality of service among the attendees.

2.Food should be handled with care

Avoid goof ups with food and maintain hygiene standards by properly briefing servers about dos and don’ts while handling food. Servers should wear gloves and caps so that the food is not contaminated by hair and there is no unhygienic handling of the food. People are wary of sloppy service and walking that extra mile is sure to bring smiles on the faces of the customers and a lot of good will.


3.Bathrooms and toilets must be cleaned out every hour

This is a must do and is often overlooked by event organizers. If it’s a new year party that goes on till the wee hours, the washrooms will be crowded and heavily used. So, clean them out at regular intervals and keep designated staff to attend to this task. No pungent or irritating odours should emanate from anywhere. To keep the party venue pleasant, use air spray every hour. And, uniformity should be followed as change of fragrance should not come in the way of celebration. You could also invest in automated flushing toilets and sensors to make sure that basic hygiene is adhered to. There are makeshift toilets available on hire for outdoor venues.

4.Trash cans should be provided at open air venues

 Have sufficient number of trash cans placed to dispose of cutlery and other garbage at the venue. It helps keep the venue clean and minimize the post-event mess. Strategically placing trash cans near the buffet area, bar counter, seating sections will go a long way in maintaining hygiene. As an event organiser, it is your responsibility to have the trash cans cleared too, if they are full. If you cannot have them cleared, at least replace them. For, in some case, the kids’ diapers too may get in there.

Broken cutlery should be disposed of immediately

Broken bottles or cutlery are a big worry. There are always chances of people stepping on glass and shrapnel and getting injured. It leaves a bad experience in the minds of people who buy tickets costing a bomb for the New year Celebration if one of their folks is injured. No one’s night should be ruined by such an incident and this can happen only if the mess is cleared immediately. This is especially important when there is a high footfall at an event like New Year party.


6.Pest control is necessary before a big event

Pests, rodents, cockroaches, or termites are irritants at any party venue. A single incident can completely destroy the image of the event organiser and the brand of the venue. People are extremely particular about this and for a good reason. These pests are vectors for horrible infectious diseases. You could even outsource this to a professional pest control agency so you don’t have any uninvited guests at your big event.

 7.Sanitizers, toilet paper and tissues

 There is nothing more annoying than running out of toilet paper or tissues. Stock them up in sufficient quantity as you know the approximate number of attendees, depending on the tickets sold already. Hey, we are sure you use an event ticketing platform for selling passes for your year-end event. You could also invest in sanitizer dispensers, air dryers, and tissue dispensers at the washrooms.

8.Alcohol should be served responsibly

New Year is a time when people tend to go overboard with celebrations. Serve your guests responsibly. There is nothing wrong in refusing an unruly guest alcohol, if they cannot hold their liquor. Provide puke bags, tissues in case they have had a bit too much to drink. Your other guests will definitely thank you for the move. Also take enough care that your steward doesn’t pick up an altercation with the “drunk guest” and rakes up a mess for everyone around to watch and feel disgusted.



9. Serve hot and clean food

Food tastes good when it is hot. Also, it is healthy and hygienic. So, food should not be left out in the open for too long. The lids of the food items should be kept closed and replenish the containers as soon as they are emptied.

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