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New year hygienic venue

9 hygiene steps to follow at a new year party


Don’t miss out on these make or break hygiene tips New year is one of the busiest seasons for the hospitality industry. There is a party organized almost every week and the footfall is off the charts. It’s a make or break time for any venue. We have a few...

new year

9 ways to keep kids engaged at a New year party


Forty two days to go and all the party lovers are looking to choose the perfect venue, where, they will count down those last seconds that will welcome them into a new year. It’s not always belles and beaus locking their arms and revel in the festivity, teasing the stags...

NewYear 2017

9 tips to organize a party this new year 2017


The ultimate cheat sheet on organizing the perfect New Year Party The new year is approximately a month and a half away and people have already started talking about which party to be at and who to go with. While everyone can be busy figuring out what to do, you...

New Year's Eve Party

9 New Year’s Eve: expectations vs reality


The new year’s eve is just a few days away and the same story of expectation vs reality that strikes people year after year is going to repeat itself as people spend a huge amount of time in planning the most perfect way to spend a new year’s eve. However,...