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Enhance your understanding on solar energy and how it works!

Have you ever tried lowering your utility bills or were somehow concerned, how to save electricity and you knew solar energy is the answer to your questions? There is a four-day training program that teaches you certain basics about solar energy and this may be the place you’re looking for. ┬áIf you are one of those people who usually are interested in electronics and how they function, then you may find this program easier since it requires some level of understanding of how solar energy works and how it can function with different electronic devices.

Each day of the four-day training program has an agenda that is designed to explain a few objectives. Day one includes understanding conversion of light energy to electricity, the indian power sector, basics of microcontroller and UART, practically interfacing with Arduino and LCD and a hands on session for the solar panel temperature sensor.

Day two is more of understanding how the solar radiation meter works, analyzing different angles and calculating solar units. Solar radiations are a major source of energy, so installing a power plant is equally important in measuring it. These instruments are used to calculate thermal and photovoltaic energy. A hands on session is scheduled towards the end.

Designing a circuit layout, studying the need for PCB designing , creating the gerber files of the layout with clarity, a good understanding of the electronic components, how a solar radiation meter works, and an explanation of all the tools and commands are the objectives covered on day three. The program provides industrial exposure to design solar products in a compact and printable form. The PCB designing software called EAGLE is used to design the circuit layout in a multilayer form and allows students to design thru the hole components but also the SMD.

The last day will include a site visit at IIT Bombay with a practical session zigbee module, studying the available wireless gadgets, wireless transmission between two zigbee modules demonstration, understanding a need of wireless technology in the solar field. Basically this has more to do with controlling a solar PV system using wireless technologies.The four day solar tech training is scheduled from November 27-30,2015 at the conference room, SINE CSRE building in IIT Bombay. Before the tickets run out, get yours today.

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