9 ways to cut cost this new year

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New year is round the corner, and you always end up being stingy as scrooge in November and till the 30th of December to have decent money in your pocket, to enjoy the new year eve party. Here are nine tips to cut costs at this year’s new year party, so you don’t burn a serious hole in your wallet.

1) Pre-drink

If you know your affinity to alcohol, it’s always better that you pre-drink at home or at a friends place before you hit the party. The drinks at the party can be outrageously expensive, and this could help keep your wallet full.

2) Go as a couple

It’s always better you go to the new year party with a date. Stag entries are more expensive than couple passes. Take a date and surprisingly it works out cheaper, the best way to cut some costs. 😉

3) Car pool

Don’t be Imran khan from Amplifier who raps around in his car solo. If you have a gang of friends going to the same destination. Just hitch a ride with them. That way it’s more fun and also you don’t have to drive back home drunk.

4) Search the web for discount coupons

With hundreds of new year parties coming up in the city, the organisers tend to shower discounts to attract the crowd. Make use of this chance and look for a discount code before booking your passes online. At MeraEvents we display promo codes on the ticketing screen so that you don’t have to go through hundreds of new web pages and unlimited pop-ups.

5) Cashbacks and special discounts

Any purchase of new year party ticket will get a discount when done using Paytm on the MeraEvents platform. It doesn’t get better than this, Book your tickets conveniently and get a 10% discount for any new year event.

6) Look for attractive covers and unlimited drinks

Most of the parties will have alcohol on the house at the price of the ticket. So, ensure that you purchase a pass of a party that has free or complimentary food and beverage scheme.

7) Group tickets

The best way to get that extra discount even after the promotional codes, and flat discounts is to book your tickets in a group. Group booking for new year parties will always get you a good discount.

8) Go Early bird

Any event will have early bird passes, follow the organiser’s Facebook page or twitter page or the website to know when the early bird tickets are out. Early bird tickets can get you a considerable amount of discount.

9) Prop-up

If you are attending a theme based party like a mask party or a super-hero costume party. Take your props from home, they will be cheaper by a dozen to source it near home than to rent it at the venue.

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