9 things to put on your New Year bucket list.

New year party

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This will make sure you get off to a legendary start to the new year

Start off with a new year party

Don’t sit at home and mull over a beer and monotony. You owe it to yourself to get out there and party. This is not just another day of the year, it sets the pace for the entire year and what better way than heading out for a night you won’t forget. Get blitzed, listen to some good music, bust out your most embarrassing dance moves and just zone out.

Go on an adventure.

This isn’t the Hobbit, but that doesn’t stop you from going on the adventure of a lifetime. Remember that the best adventures start with a single step. Pack your bags, fuel up your bike, take a road trip. You don’t have to plan out every last detail, just make up your mind, find some good company, and head out.

Work out more often

This should be a top priority on any bucket list for the new year. We often give up the gym after a few days of intense workouts since it gets too monotonous. Spice things up with Zumba, Crossfit, Yoga, Group fitness or Fitness events to stay on track and get in shape.

Conquer your fears

The only way to conquer your fears is by facing them head on. There’s a lot of wisdom in that catchy little advertising jingle of a certain soft drink. Cut out all the excessive machismo and product placement and you have something to live by. Trek up a mountain, bike to ladakh, try river rafting, something to keep the adrenaline pumping and keep you feeling alive.

Find an exciting hobby

Pick something that drives you, keeps you fit, and makes you explore your wild side.  Try kayaking, cycling, trekking, photography there are a million different hobbies you can pick up to add some zest to your year.

Go to a concert

There is nothing that beats the feeling of live music and an open stage. Goosebumps, good music and good vibes. The are some amazing festivals and live acts slated in the near future EVC, Supersonic, Hornbill, The Sula Festival, Ziro the list is endless. So now is the best time to get into the live music scene and book tickets.

Get some good karma

Rack up some karma points and give back to society. It could be something  you are passionate about, a fun run for a cause, a charity concert or a fundraiser. It’s important to get off on a good start and balance the ying and yang by giving back.

Work on your skill set

Never stop learning. If you think you have reached a glass ceiling in your professional life, shake off the stagnation and work on your skill set by acquiring some valuable credentials. Pick in demand courses and certifications to give your professional life that much needed boost. It could be a Scrum workshop, a PMP certification, or acquiring a new proficiency. Taking the initiative and going the extra mile is a sure shot way to get noticed and be an asset.

Get a new lease on life

Try something that gives you a fresh outlook on your life.  It’s hard to stay motivated and productive if you aren’t trying something new. Whether it’s making a lifestyle change, getting rid of the negativity, detoxing your body, or just removing the negativity from your life. There are quite a few workshops and events you can attend that can get you some much-needed perspective check them out here on meraevents.

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