9 cliched new year resolutions you are better off not making

Make better new year resolutions, and follow through with them using these hacks

It’s about the time of the year where we lull ourselves into a sense of optimism  and make big resolutions for the coming year. This time, save yourself the embarrassment and stay away from these clichéd new year resolutions.

I’ll get back in shape


Accept that round is the only shape you are going to be in. You can try and make small steps towards living a healthier, fitter lifestyle. But, resorting to crash diets and overtraining will see you wash out and give up too soon.

I’ll quit smoking

You smoke a pack on new year’s eve and promise to kick the habit on Monday. Fast forward a week and you are still smoking like a chimney. Work at kicking the cigarette butt by checking into a program or taking actual medical advice. These quick resolutions without the right kind of support system are just a joke.

I’ll save up


No matter what your motivation is, if you want to start saving then you should work at your mindset first. Don’t start scrimping away like a scrooge if you’ll blow it all up on the weekends. Just  keep your credit card off limits and start by making small changes to your lifestyle.

I’ll eat healthily

If you start off the new year by buying enough veggies to start a subway franchise then I’ve got bad news for you. You will end up knee deep in cake, guilt and shame by the end of the week. Try to transition to healthy eating. Stock up on healthier options but always try to find a balance between healthy eating and treating yourself.

Travel more

You just finished watching ‘into the wild’ for the third time and have caught the travel bug. You’ve packed your bags and are on the lookout for exotic destinations like Bali, Maldives, and Greece. But make sure you actually set out that door and don’t just waste your time looking for cheaper airfare.

Read everyday

This is a very romanticized resolution. It’s one that really gets those creative juices flowing. You end up spending a bomb at Landmark or Amazon to get those thick hardbound copies that look really good on your shelf. Take my word of advice invest in a kindle, or try to download a few e-books. Nothing beats the feel of the real thing, the musty smell, and crinkling of the pages. But make a start by reading at least an article or subscribe to few funny blogs. Once you catch the habit it’s a pleasure and you will find it harder to put a book down than pick it up.

Cut off toxic people


This is a staple you tell yourself every year. You know who this person is and I’m pretty sure their face popped into your head the moment you read this. However, most of us have a niggling sensation of doubt and are nice to a fault. If a person makes you uncomfortable and is holding you back, you don’t need that person in your life. Try to reduce the frequency of conversation, try to hang out with other friends, cut off mutual circles, and make your stand clear to the other party.

I will stand up for myself


Whether it’s at work or in a relationship. Don’t ever be a pushover, If you have something to say make it clear at the outset. It’s ok to be confrontational sometimes. A clear discussion about something that matters to you is important to set expectations, and boundaries to every relationship. It doesn’t matter if things turn sour for a while or you have to cut them off completely. In the larger scheme of things it’s always healthier to make a stand.

I’ll give back to society

Volunteering is not something you can do overnight. Identify causes you are passionate about and that fall in line with your skill set. Also, choose a supportive organization that sets realistic targets for its volunteers. Organizations such as TFI (Teach for India) or MAD have volunteer programs that help you give back and keep track of your progress.

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