9 things to avoid this New Year 2016

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Lets bring a change, lets be different!

The festive season is just round the corner and will continue until the new year 2016. People are gearing up for celebration, as we come come to the end of another year. Some people are unfortunate and got separated from their families this year due to bombings and hate crimes. We need to keep those people in minds thinking how they survive, especially at times of festivity where not all of them are present.

Although it’s a time for celebration, we should keep in mind those people who are less fortunate and thank for what we have today. New Year is always a celebration and some people  party like never before and go out of hand, some get drunk out of their minds and end up dead, few get drunk enough to create a chaos citing new year celebrations while few just look around sitting alone thinking they once had a family. To keep your spirits high and focused, let’s be a little more focused this new year and try to bring a change. Below are nine things that can be avoided this new year 2016.

  1. Do not get so drunk, that you become a public nuisance. Usually when this happens, you end up getting locked up at a police station on the first day of the new year.
  2. Do not be overbearing and force your company upon people.
  3. Don’t end up spending more than you can afford for a party, Keep your wits about you when it comes to your wallet
  4. Avoid getting behind the wheel if you have had lots to drink.
  5.  Avoid making unrealistic resolutions that you give up on it in a week into the new year.
  1. Don’t nitpick on planning every last detail, spontaneity isn’t a sin.
  2.  Do not scream your wishes at the top of your lungs in the streets. It shows you have a low character.
  3.  Do not spend a fortune to attend a party just because it’s new year. Find some party that suits your budget and remember there are people who can’t.
  4.  Your life is precious, do not jump it of of a bridge or get into a street race that night. Other riders maybe drunk if not you.

Cheers! Happy New Year 2016.

Syed Hussaini

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